New York, New York

I saw Hamilton!

I’ve been going going going nonstop October and November. The beginning of October saw Manbeast and I attending a gorgeous wedding in the Catskills but honestly there’s not much to talk about in a blog. Go to the Catskills in fall though if you get the chance, stunning foliage, little-to-no cell service, absolutely beautiful!

And now it’s December. Where has the time gone?

Then it was off to Hamilton towards the end of the month. One of my amazing friends got reasonably priced tickets (I KNOW!) offered me the chance to go with her- since it had been far too long since I’d hopped down the NYC!

The downside to a mid-week trip is that friend’s have to work. Lucky for me my esoteric interests were getting there due city wide, and my friend was not so keen to come look at taxidermy with me. Let’s talk about the great stuff I saw (and ate)

Four & Twenty Blackbirds

This pie shop is famous enough that for some people, it needs no introduction. I discovered it while google mapping my route to stop #2. It was right there, across the street and I saw the name and thought “Baked in a pie???” and they WERE (pie, no blackbirds were harmed). I relished their Bourbon Pear Crumble and some coffee. An amazing treat to start my day (while I waited for the next stop to open!)

Do I Recommend: Hell yeah. Go out of your way for this place. Or don’t, if you’re near a different pie shop. Just get pie. And this pie, it’s good.

Morbid Anatomy Museum

More curio cabinet, Less true museum they basically feature a cafe, a gift shop, and one exhibit. While I was there, the exhibit was TAXIDERMY. AND it feature Walter Potter’s Kitten Wedding, a posed scene of… well… a kitten wedding. It was an amazingly well-curated collection, showing off bad taxidermy, created scenes, rare animals, and memorials to beloved pets. I was giddy the entire time I was there, a true treat.

Do I Recommend: The taxidermy exhibit closed Dec. 6th, so I can’t recommend that one anymore, but I would have. Here’s what I think the trick is: Check out their exhibitions, and if the subject matter sounds interesting then check it out! But if you’re not too keen on the exhibit subject, there’s no point in going because that is exhibit is basically it. If you’re on the hunt for a good gift for that spooky someone in  your life, check out the gift shop. They have some amazing taxidermy mice!

American Folk Art Museum

The exhibit I went to see is still on display through February, I recommend! The exhibit is “Securing the Shadow: Posthumous Portraiture in America” I don’t remember if my interest into Spirit Photography/the Spiritualist Movement has come up on this blog at all, but I certainly have one. So this was a slight departure, but an incredibly fascinating exhibit. And it wasn’t that creepy, I promise!

Do I Recommend: 100% recommend ‘Securing the Shadow.’ The museum in general is great, hosts great little events (I got serenaded with live music while I explored memorial imagery) and is just overall a nice little place. Check their exhibit lists though- they didn’t seem to have a main exhibit hall, just an exhibition du jour so make sure you’re going to something you’ll enjoy. Bonus location fact- it’s pretty much directly across the street from the Lincoln Center- easy to find and get to!

We grabbed a pre-show dinner at The City Kitchen. I had the hardest fucking time finding this place. I ended up actually IN Times Square which just, ugh. I saw it on my first trip to NYC, I did not have a burning desire to be in that cluster again. At least I didn’t feel too bad not being able to find the food place, because there were a ton of tourists more lost than I! It’s a food court style setup with lots of options- I grabbed some sushi and gyoza from Azuki and it was delicious.

Do I Recommend: If you’re in the vicinity of Broadway/Times Square and need some food, it’s a great place- especially if you have an indecisive group and want options. There are enough excellent food places in NYC that this one is not really worth going out of your way for if you aren’t in the Broadway/TS area.


What do I need to say? There were a few original cast members left, most were replacements. More than Lin-Manuel Miranda, I was sad that I didn’t get to see Johnathan Groff as King George, but Rory O’Malley still did an amazing job. It was my first Broadway show, and it was incredible.

I got a ‘Hamiltini’ in the commemorative cup, I couldn’t resist!


The next morning I got a breakfast sandwich at the bagel shop down the block from my friend’s place. If I stay with this friend and she is in the same place, I will go back to that bagel shop. But rather then recommend that specific one, the right thing to do is go to the local bagel place near wherever you’re staying. It’s NYC, it’s gonna have a good bagel.

I headed towards the Brooklyn Museum, and decided I needed some coffee first. I stopped at the nearby Lincoln Station for a great drink and a break from the rain. Alas, I did not try their food, I should have! (all I ended up eating after my bagel that day was a freaking chocolate croissant from Au Bon Pain. It was good, but geez was it poor planning!)

Do I Recommend: Yup! Especially if you’re at the museum. Not as fancy as their cafe, but better prices and great dog watching!

The Brooklyn Museum

What an unexpected treat this was! An art of Africa exhibit that mentioned Elegba, Life, Death & Transformation in the Americas, Blake’s Great Red Dragon on display, and the now-closed exhibit My Room is Another Fishbowl. A truly, truly wonderful day at a wonderful museum!

Do I Recommend: An emphatic “hell yeah!” It doesn’t get the accolades the Met does, but this museum is truly, truly wonderful. Bonus, it borders Prospect Park (which houses the Brooklyn Botanic gardens, a Quaker graveyard, and a zoo). So in nice weather, you could truly make a day of that little slice of Brooklyn.

My trip home was an absolute nightmare, it seems the return trip always is, but I made it in one piece. I really love visiting NYC and this trip ended up being absolutely perfect. I have some pictures I’ll hopefully insert in an edit, but right now I need to figure out what is wrong with my phone gallery. Next up: my great European adventure!