Irreverent Reviews: Nadine West, May

Nadine West is a free clothing/accessory subscription service. For no monthly fee you get a shipment of about three pieces at various price points. You’re only charged for what you keep and you can return anything you don’t want for no fee. It’s my favorite thing.

I’ve received two other Nadine West packages, the first wowed me with one of the most beautiful statement necklaces, the second struck out all around. They set the bar incredibly high with the first month, I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to top it!

Let’s see how they did this May:

The List

The List

The “Firecrack Tank”¬†was a miss, but I’m really glad they sent it to me! If you’ll remember, I had “meh, I don’t know.” feelings about the previous two tops I received. Nadine West encourages you to write notes about what you did/didn’t like so they can improve your packages. This top was sheer and while some people are masters of layering- I’m not. Knowing exactly what I didn’t like about this top meant I could leave an annotation and know that I was giving constructive feedback, getting closer to them sending me the perfect item that I’ll snap right up!

As it is, if the tank were solid I might have kept it because the colors are so fun! And if it had arrived just a few days earlier, I would have gifted it to a friend for her birthday.

Red, white, blue... and purple!

Red, white, blue… and purple!

The “Take me to the Tower” pendant was also a miss. I’ve been to Paris, I like Paris, but Paris doesn’t stand out to me as an overly romanticized city. If I were going to wear a landmark as a pendant, I’d be more likely to pick Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) or Angkor Wat (Cambodia). Something a little less cliche. I’m not crazy about the long leather strap, it’s a little more “festival” than I tend to wear.

Maybe my next apartment will have adequate lighting?

Maybe my next apartment will have adequate lighting?

The “Lolli Loops” are so fun! I kept these awesome hoop earrings. They scream “summer fun” to me, and I can think of a ton of different outfits I can wear them with- from a tank and shorts, to my awesome black sundress, to a more formal and work appropriate look.

It looks very pink here, but very red in person

It looks very pink here, but very red in person


They’re not too big to be bulky but large enough to make a statement. They have the kind of back I like and they’re gold- a metal I don’t have a lot of, so I’m always excited when I get a gold piece I can add to my collection (even though silver is my favorite). Earrings are a “rarely” item for me, because I’m so picky about the backs. This was a great pair to get.

I highly recommend Nadine West! Even if you keep everything you get it still works out to be the same or cheaper than a lot of other fashion subs and even the things I haven’t kept I’ve been pleased with in terms of quality. If you’d like to check them out you can always use my Affiliate Link!