Why hello there. About me? Well, let’s see. I’m 26, female, atheist, feminist, college graduate, grad school drop out turned grad student again, working in an archive, and living way too close to my parents. I share my life with my maybe fiance Manbeast and a neurotic cat. We enjoy a good night in, sharing beer and twizzlers and watching netflix. This blog is a thing I do MWF, which mainly consists of vomiting links everywhere. I’m snarky, sarcastic, and opinionated, with a low internal tolerance for bullshit, but a high external one. I like animals, food,  travel, fashion, and being a decent human being. If you like those things too, you’ll probably find something on here interesting. If you want to know how pale I am, for when you judge my makeup posts, Sephora puts me at a 2Y04.

I can be reached by email at irreverent.internet[at]gmail.com


Everything I review has been paid for by me for the purpose of using in my personal life unless I note otherwise. If you WANT to send me something for review purposes, or know of something I should check out, shoot me and email at the above address!


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  1. […] case please email me at… crap I forgot the email for this thing but I think it’s on my about page?). I can’t in good conscious ask people who are probably also struggling to donate anything […]

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