2016 No Buy

I started a free trial with You Need a Budget today.

Hate the site, by the way. Hours and I still can’t figure out stuff that should be basic. I need a good budgeting tool and I want something with visuals. Recommend any if you have them.

To the point: After linking all accounts I did finally have a big picture. And that big picture is Not Good.

I don’t live paycheck to paycheck, I live entirely on credit. There are some underlying causes behind that, things that will be addressed entirely in my personal life. But there are things that I can do to help this situation, other than pray for a good tax return.

2016 is going to be my “no buy” year. No clothes, no makeup, no shoes, no books. No alcohol (*gulp*). I should put “prepared coffee” on this list but I am Only Human. There is only so much I can do!

Exceptions: I have a $30 credit at ModCloth I can put towards something, and if I run out of an essential item I’ll need to replace that (like if the washer eats all my black socks again), and I can buy whatever if I need it for a gift (I don’t do a ton of gifting). I only shop at H&M when I have a bag full of stuff to donate to their Conscious campaign for 15% off- I had one right before the new year so it will probably be awhile before I get another, but I think I’d allow that.

If people want to buy me drinks, I can certainly accept them. Oh god can I accept them (send me wine). If someone asks me to bring something to a dinner, I can count that as a gift. If we go to visit my parents I have to buy alcohol or else I end up drinking Franzia that’s been poured into a Sutter Home bottle and JFC I still want my life to be worth living.

So what can I blog about?

Well, Blogging for Books and the library are still viable options for acquiring books. I usually get at least one makeup product for my birthday that I can review but even if I don’t I have an incredible backlog!

I’ve been working on cleaning out, paring down, and getting out of debt- those are potential topics.

I have 3 cats now, who are full of shenanigans.

I hate writing about writing but if I make noteworthy progress it could be a post of two.

Pop culture continues to delight and confound, who knows what 2016 will bring there?

I’m graduating in May and hopefully rising up in the professional world- that should be an experience!

I can do some city reviews- nothing too exotic but I’m visiting for friends and traveling for conferences a couple times this year (another reason to save money) and should encounter some fun things.

Who knows! 2015 was all about gaining my footing, so 2016 is the year I begin the climb.


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