This Slacker Reviews Nadine West: June-August

I know, I’ve been awful. Part 2 of my summer break started today and I’m free from schoolwork until the 21st but I’ve still be incredibly busy bridesmaiding. I have so many posts that I need to make- I’m awful! Here’s my review of June, July, and August’s Nadine West shipments, plus a little update on the company itself.

Nadine West continues to be my favorite subscription service- though there are some changes I need to mention. But first, let’s look at two months worth of goods.

June was a pretty decent month for Nadine West. I almost kept everything!

Unfortunately this killer black necklace didn’t hold up superbly in shipping and a few of the rings holding it together had fallen out. Couldn’t justify keeping it with that knowledge.


I have a silver bracelet very similar to this one… but I still kept this one because I think it’s such a fun design and I love a good bracelet.


I also kept my first Nadine West top! It’s not work appropriate but it’s fun and comfy- plus it fits great!


July was my first month dealing with Nadine West’s customer service. It was a positive experience that we’ll get to in a minute.

First, these earrings are adorable! I decided to keep them and have gotten so much wear out of them already. Arrows seem to be “in” right now, and blue is my favorite color. Adorable and perfect!


This necklace ended up being sent back but it was a toughy. I loved the ancient, hammered gold look. I seriously felt very Mesopotamian trying this on and I did love it. But even with an adjustable chain it didn’t quite hit at a good spot for me and since I was hemming and hawing about it and not going “YES!” I decided to send it back, though I kind of wish I hadn’t.


If this top had been a scarf I would have kept it. Alas the pattern was gorgeous but this cut was just NOT flattering. I carry my weight in my midsection, I don’t need to draw any more attention to that.



As to why I contacted customer service… there were two tops listed on my invoice, and I had only received one. Since they bill on what is NOT sent back to them, I did not want to be charged for “keeping” an item I didn’t receive. So I emailed customer service with a picture of the top I did get and a picture of the invoice. Less than 24 hours later I had a response telling which top it was I had received and assuring me that I wouldn’t be charged for the one I didn’t. Awesome!

The pictures from August are exceptionally bad because my phone was in the process of dying and I had to send the package back before I got my new one.

August had a blue tank top that would have been much more fitting for the beginning of summer as opposed to the end. It was also an awkward cut. I was also trying to photograph it on my old phone and couldn’t get a decent picture of it.

The hammered metal bracelet was nice but I didn’t love it, especially having just kept another Nadine West bracelet, it didn’t seem justified.


The necklace was glitzy and awesome (made me feel kind of like a sorority girl,  don’t know why!) and I was going to keep that but I didn’t think I’d wear it enough to justify $25. So this month was all returns.


Which brings me to Nadine West’s new policy. Before, the shipments were free, you only paid for what you kept. Now shipments will be $7 which can be deducted from anything you plan to keep (so for a $10 you’d pay the $3 difference). I understand why they do this, and on the months when I decide to keep something then it’s totally whatever- I’m not actually paying any more money. But months like August where there’s nothing I want to keep I’m out $7- which is reasonable compared to most other subscription services but given how tightly I’m pinching my pennies because of vet bills…

I will probably stick with Nadine West because it brings me joy. If you’re interested even though it’s no longer free you can use my referral link to check it out!


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