Irreverent Reviews: Nadine West June

My Nadine West shipment is quickly becoming my favorite part of the monthly mail. The life of a grad student is dependent on small pleasures. This month’s shipment was not a hit, mostly because of some personal preferences/needs.

As always, Nadine West is a free monthly clothing/accessory subscription. You only pay for what you keep, and returns are free.


Summertime Glasses- $19.99


Oh man, I love these shades! They are awesome! And I immediately knew I wouldn’t be keeping them. I generally only wear sunglasses when I’m driving and it is pretty mandatory that I have prescription lenses in when I’m operating a vehicle. Since I don’t fuck with contacts, I’ll stick with my stylish blue prescription sunglasses. I did make a “no sunglasses” note, since they’ll just inevitably be sent back no matter how much I like the frames.

So cute!

So cute!

Blue Enamel Studs- $9.99


I really liked the color of these earrings, and there’s a fun mod-ness about them. I don’t wear studs though, thanks to a childhood trauma where I pushed my earring backs in too far and my ear tried to assimilate them. Fish hooks or hoops for me!

Static Electricity Top- $22.49


The top was strange. It felt like it was made of scrub fabric, and wasn’t dissimilar in cut. It didn’t fit well.

This month I kept nothing. The sunglasses and earrings I would have kept if I didn’t need prescription glasses/wore studs. The shirts are getting closer to my style, if this one were a bit nicer in terms of quality I probably would have kept it.

As always I recommend trying out Nadine West since it’s  free! As always, you’re encouraged to use my affiliate link if you want to sign up!


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