Irreverent Reviews: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is one of the many curated subscription boxes on the market, this one dealing with clothes. Each box is $20 and you can chose to have the delivered monthly, every three months, or on an un-automated schedule you decide yourself (the option I selected for the time being). The $20 fee is applied as a credit towards whatever you want to buy from the box and there’s an additional discount if you keep all 5 items. Anything that you don’t want to keep you can send back for free.

Each box comes with an “order” sheet, detailing what was selected and the price, as well as an illustrated styling guide that provides ideas for how to wear each piece.

In my continued quest to build a more professional wardrobe, I decided to give Stitch Fix a go. It’s difficult because I don’t really gravitate towards truly professional clothing. That’s why I need help from stylists.

The items in a Stitch Fix can be rather pricey, even considering the credits and the discounts. I couldn’t afford to keep the entirety of my box (valued at about $300 before credits/discounts) which is ok because I didn’t care for everything in the first place, though there was one clear winner and I felt like my stylist was on track with what I like.

I'm trying to be better about photographing the packaging!

I’m trying to be better about photographing the packaging!

Moda Luxe Palermo Stitch Detail Clutch- $38


This sturdy grey clutch is nice. It’s one of the designs that can be a clutch (folded over with a magnetic clip), but inside there’s a gold chain that can be attached you can use it as a more traditional purse. I like bags, and I do wish I had a good clutch, but logically I have a hard enough time remembering to transfer my epi-pen from bag to bag. ER doctors like to yell at you when you do that.

Margaret M Emer Jacquard Tall Straight Leg Pant- $98


These pants were a hard “nope,” and not just because of the price point. I liked the jacquard design, but these were more leggings than pants. They fit over my large calves in a way skinny jeans won’t but still felt more like a “skinny” than my preferred straight leg or boot cut. They were also oddly bunchy in the crotch. No debate needed, they went back.

I did like the design though

I did like the design though

Papermoon Taluca Printed Pencil Skirt- $58


Oh the pencil skirt. I love them but am just so inept at styling them. This was incredibly comfortable and I did enjoy it. The patterns made it very versatile but I just feared not having an appropriate blouse to style it with. I’m trying to minimize and have enough closet orphans as it is. If I could have assured myself that this would not join their ranks I’d have kept it, but since I  couldn’t it went back and I am a bit sad for it… though I do feel responsible!

Brixon NY Jarred Lace Detail Cap Sleeve Blouse- $68


It’s a darker blue in real life (“cobalt”), but this shirt gave me an “oh yes” moment like I had with the necklace from my first Nadine West package. This top is total perfection, it’s my favorite color, it’s versatile and I can feel good wearing it to work or out, but it also has personality. It should be worn with a strapless bra, which is a bit of a con, but if I wear it to work my arms and shoulders will spend all day covered by a jacket anyways. I kept this piece, it was too good to pass up (and really made my wallet glad that the whole box wasn’t this on point!)

41Hawthorn Teegan Draped Blazer- $78


This roomy blazer was actually more comfortable than my more conventional blazer! Still there were some issues that made it a no-go. I wish it had full long sleeves, they roll and snap up, but unrolled they are still rather short. The draped style was comfortable but I prefer a blazer that will zip or button in the front for more security/warmth. I also liked the inner details (polka dots, bright blue piping) better than the outside, and no one but me would get to see the inside! It was nice and not a full miss, but there was enough to make me feel comfortable sending this one back.

I think this particular type of digital curation (that’s a library school joke) is a little fraught. My stylist has my notes and my pinterest board to go off of, and my pinterest board is less practical workwear and more “If I were a vengeful fairy queen with an excuse to wear capes all the time.” As a picky person, especially one trying to fulfill specific wardrobe needs, I’m really pleased when things are in the right field- I don’t expect perfection. While I haven’t scheduled my next Stitch Fix yet, I know that I will. And I’m very excited to see what else is in store because even though this box was not 100% wins it was still great and I did feel like my stylist overall “got” me.

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix feel free to use my referral link. I think it’s definitely worth checking out, especially since you don’t need to commit to a recurring shipment, and you’re able to apply your styling fee to your purchase.


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