The Blue Piano

I’m on “summer vacation” until the 22nd, and then summer classes begin! I’ve taken this opportunity to develop a life-impairing case of exhaustion and recognize that I need to put my insurance to good use and find a doctor and go to them. Admitting is half the battle, right?

In the meantime though, I hope I can get caught up on some of the stuff I want to talk about- it’s mostly reviews because this past term friend my brain completely.

The Blue Piano is a shop I connected with through this blog (!) and outside of our commenting and following I was also exposed to her work in the inaugural Indie Craft Sampler (review here).

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I made and received my purchase (back before my birthday in April), but it arrived quickly in an adorable package!

The Blue Piano sells an assortment of jewelry, crocheted goods, and things that I guess could be categorized as knick-knacks. There’s a whimsical, textile-based approach to most (if not all) the pieces. I hate to use the word ‘twee’ because I feel like it has such negative connotations, but there’s some good-twee here. It’s fun and fashionably without being overly adult or too childish.

I have a variation of the “woodland cuff” made with the little “geo pines” fox (but don’t quote me on that). It’s adorable! It’s snug on my wrist and doesn’t jostle around a lot, it’s solidly made and also adorable. It came with a bonus pair of matching earrings (which I re-purposed as a birthday gift to a friend, since I have a stud-back aversion) and a business card magnet.

Business card magnets are seriously the best thing ever. I just recycle plain paper business cards because I have no place to put it! Stick your info on a magnet and I’ll think of you every time my internet bill is late (often).

Everything came in some adorable packaging that I’m pretty sure is Thruston Post. Yay indie collaboration!  wpid-20150617_181152.jpg


One thought on “The Blue Piano

  1. V says:

    Sounds like a short vacation! Thanks for letting us know about this store

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