Makeup on Mondays

I look just as “pretty” and professional without makeup as I do with. I think just about everyone does. Some mornings I’m don’t wear makeup because I’m running late, feeling uninspired, and sometimes I’m just lazy.

That said, I always try to wear makeup on Mondays. Why? My Mondays don’t always set the tone for the rest of the week (fortunately) I always try to make a point and do something, even if it’s the least amount of something, on Mondays. It means I start my week feeling motivated and pulled together, and it makes me more likely to put time into my appearance the rest of the week. I work in a pretty casual workplace that’s pretty desk-based, but I do have to make sure that I’m wearing something that will allow me lift and carry a variety of boxes, and I never want to wear something I don’t want to get super dusty. Also if it’s a super hot day I’ll want to wear something light enough that I don’t die on my way to or from work, but then I’ll need to throw on another layer or two once I get to the office. So sometimes all my outfit planning is for naught as I just end up burrowing into a shapeless sweater.

This morning I forced, really forced, myself to do my makeup. Just some black pencil eyeliner, some matte grey eyeshadow (yup, only one color on the whole lid) and some “my lips but better” colored lipstick. Not even a foundation! And I instantly felt more awake and more ready to take on the day. It’s always fun when I have the time to really craft a look but the something is better than a nothing.

By Wednesday I’ll probably be back to my usual Bridge-troll self, but it’s good to take that time for yourself on Monday morning.

*Never wear makeup? I would recommend finding another small thing that makes you feel like a put-together grownup and make sure you do that on Mondays. Maybe it’s blow drying your hair, or sitting down to drink you coffee. The ritual is more important than the what.


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