Irreverent Reviews: Nadine West 2

I got a second April package from Nadine West! I am not sure if that takes the place of the May one, or is a special extra bonus, but I was super happy to receive two shipments in one month! Unfortunately, this didn’t have any must-have treasures for me, like the last shipment did.

Even though this package was a miss in terms of me keeping anything, I was still pleased with the quality and with the fact that they were sending me things I should like in theory (if Pandora has taught me anything, it’s that the stuff I like and the stuff I don’t like are a very thin line away from each other).

Let’s see what there was!


I forgot to snap a photo of the invoice so I don’t have the names or prices for the items. Boo on me. This was a wrap bracelet that came in a nice little pouch and took a long time to get untangeled. It was long enough I could wear it as a necklace, and it didn’t feel like I could get it wrapped enough around my freakishly tiny wrists. I also wasn’t crazy about the way the little balls bunched.


This necklace was also a tangled mess. It looks long but actually had a very short connecting piece at the top and really only hung at the top of my boobs. I liked it, but I didn’t love it.


This is not the same shirt as last time, I promise! Even though it is the same color. This one sort of crosses over itself, so the fabric in the lower right corner (of the picture) is different than the rest of the fabric. This was comfy and I liked it, but again, I didn’t love it and wasn’t really sure where I’d wear it.

So I sent everything back because there were no “loves” and I have too much stuff already to take on pieces that don’t make me scream “Yes, I need this!!” Overall I’m still happy with Nadine West. Not everything can be a win and the necklace I received last time was such an incredible high, it is hard to beat. They’re on the right track though, and that’s the most important thing to me, because I can be so picky.

Remember, Nadine West is free to get, you only pay for what you keep, so you can sign up using my affiliate link and get 3 pieces (on average) of clothes and jewelry delivered each month!


One thought on “Irreverent Reviews: Nadine West 2

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