Happy Birthday to Me!

If you’re reading this, I am not here right now because I am out and about actually celebrating my birthday and spooning with the always fluffy, never watered down Quiche the Kees (and having adventures with Quiche’s owner, my best friend of almost ten years!). And what better way to celebrate that clock creeping closer to 30 than by talking about this year’s Sephora Birthday Present! (for the record, nothing is more wrong than the Sephora horoscope for Taurus).

Last year’s Makeup Forever lipstick and mascara combo was nice (the lipstick was great, but we all know my thoughts on mascara). This year though was a win all around. Two amazing lip pencils from NARS, a brand I hadn’t previously had the chance to try. If the lip pencils are any indication of the quality though, then I am impressed!

The colors are Cruella, an awesome, flattering red, and Rikugien, a pinky/nude that is also very flattering. Nude lips are not a thing I can typically do as they make me look more “iZombie” and less “glamorous celeb.” On me this ends up as a “my lips but better” color.

A helpful inforgraphic lovingly crafted in MS paint

A helpful inforgraphic lovingly crafted in MS paint

These are a little bit drying, I  have to admit, but they are very creamy to apply and long lasting. Given that there are more drying products out there that are less spectacular to wear, this seems like a fair trade off to looking awesome. If you’re a Beauty Insider+ and haven’t hit your birth month yet, you have something awesome to look forward too!

Cruella on my lips

Cruella on my lips

And a very happy 215th birthday from this Library Science student to the Library of Congress! You don’t look a day over 95.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. V says:

    Happy birthday!

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