Thanks, Obama



My tax return this year.

For starters it EXISTS which is a nice change from the past couple of years. That it exists to the tune of OVER ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS is a nice change from my ENTIRE WORKING LIFE ( and I got my first job at 16). So while I’ve got some debt to knock off one of my main goals is going to be to buy a new computer with my refund money. According to the government’s refund tracking site it should be arriving this week so it’s just a matter of picking what I want and getting it.

I can’t promise this will increase the number of posts I end up making, I’m still incredibly busy with school and am interviewing for a bartending job today. It will absolutely make it easier and less frustrating to make posts (and do anything and everything else I use a computer to do).

So I’m pretty excited for this. Yay functional technology!


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