Eye Pimples?

No matter what you do, DO NOT Google the title of this post. Please, learn from my mistakes.

The bright side is that no matter what is actually wrong with me, I look way better than all those poor Google images people.

I woke up the other morning with Five small, red bumps right under my lower lash line. Four in a cluster towards the center and one closer to my tear duct. They don’t hurt but they sure make my right eye look weepy and puffy.

The obvious answer to how they got there (if not what they are… they might still be pimples but they aren’t the horrific pus-goblins lurking behind a Google image search) is “product reaction” or “dirty brushes” except I’ve been exhausted and dealing with snow and also lazy and haven’t used a single makeup product since last Thursday! This seems like a weird thing to have a slow burn reaction on.

I also lost the nosepad off my glasses, so apparently it’s a bad time to be associated with my face.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do about my weird pimple/rash but any suggestions are welcome. I’m not comfortable putting anything I’d use for regular pimples or a rash that close to my eyeball.


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