Aromaleigh’s Sol Invictus Collection and General Roundup

Two Days left to buy Aromaleigh’s seasonal Sol Invictus collection! It will come back next winter but if you wanted to check it out this season you don’t have much time left!

I’m banging this out really quick so I don’t have swatch pictures, but my overall impression was that it was less pigmented than most of Aromaleigh’s other collections and was more of a frosty glitter finish. It wasn’t exactly what I had been expecting but I really liked it, it felt perfect for the holidays and the colors paired very well with different shadows.

Replacing the shadows will be the next seasonal collection, The Feast of Lupercal (I am having the frequently experienced problem of wordpress sites other than my reader being blocked as malicious so I can’t link to the blog post right now).

They are also offering a new subscription service: Ephemera. And damn if I don’t love that name (it’s my inner archivist). I will not be purchasing Ephemera, as I am in the process of getting a second job to cover my basic household needs (up yours, 40% electric increase from Nov-Mar) so a subscription box is just not in the budget, but if you head over to their Facebook page you can enter the raffle for a slot in the program (the slot is still a paid subscription, this system was just wisely enacted to avoid crashing the website).

Their Mythical Monster 2014-2015 collection continues to increase, and while we don’t know what February’s beast is, January was the Wendigo (the only color in the collection I don’t have at all… I went hard on Black Friday).

There is also the Asteriai Collection, another seasonal offering. I have not been able to purchase the collection (and may not get the chance before its season ends) but it looks great!

I’m back to school now, traveling out of town the next two weekends, picking up some part-time work in addition to the full-time, and job stalking a future retiree so my days are stuffed to the gills, though I still have a lot of Black Friday stuff to talk about. I’ll get there when I get there, I guess. In the meantime, I hope you’ll all bear with this sporadic posting!


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