Ten Three Labs Grand Reopening Collection

(Note: I wrote this post before I went to NYC and forgot to post it. The cat+finger trap situation was sorted for good this past trash day)

Ten Three Labs is ruining my life.

I didn’t get any sleep last night thanks to Ten Three Labs.

How could an indie makeup company possibly affect my ability to get a good night’s sleep? you ask.

Well you see, when my order of their Grand Reopening Collection arrived, a Chinese finger trap* was included and I think it was laced with catnip because it is my cat’s new favorite thing and I can’t hide it well enough from her.

So I spent last night listening to my cat pull this thing OUT OF THE TRASH and then prance around the room after it. When I got out of the shower this morning there she was sitting on my bed (she always startles me because I turn the light on and she’s just THERE with her intense eye contact) and the finger trap was on the floor. I picked it up and threw it on the bed and she just lost her fucking noodles going after that thing.

Come to think of it, she was just after every single thing I received in my order.

Then she tried to eat EVERYTHING

Then she tried to eat EVERYTHING

Ten Three Labs: They’ll ruin your life via cats.

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS THOUGH when they announced their Bob’s Burgers themed collection I said to myself “I’m interested but I have a lot of stuff so I won’t buy it unless they have an Electric Love color.” thinking that was kind of a long shot.

Jokes on me guys! And it’s my favorite color!

I purchased the sample size of the collection which included two scents, two smudge sticks, and twelve shadows.

Like my previous assessment of the shadows in the Bad Bitch collection, I liked the colors but found the payoff a little inconsistent. The darker ones especially went on thin and streaky with my brush, but were able to be built up nicely. I was an especially big fan of the blue tones, but aren’t I always? It also might be time for me to invest in a better brush. On January 15th the size of the shadow collections will be reduced based on sales figures, so if you really want something and aren’t sure if it will make the cut… get it now! As much as I like their shadows, this seems like a smart business move to me, as the area they really excel in are the scents.

Bells Bells Bells, The Buttler, Capoeira, Ehhhuagh



The scents are great too. I now own three scents from Ten Three and am really impressed because everything smells exactly as it is advertised! Sometimes I get scents and when I take that sniff I just have no clue how any of the notes are actually in that hodgepodge. Always Carry Roses smells of roses. Organic Blueberries smells just like blueberries and hippies. I will be passing these along to a friend who is on the hunt for a scent that she can love and wear, I think she will like Organic Blueberries (she is a big fan of OHWTO’s Samovar scent).

I was worried about mailing the scents in the winter. I’ve had liquids in packages freeze and break their packaging/leak everywhere. I made a note with my order requesting that the scents NOT be sent if there was a freezing concern (we’ve had a pretty mild winter up here so far but you never know…). Discretion was used and the scents were included in my package and no harm was done to them or the rest of the order! Even if they had leaked they were in their own little baggie (a plastic one… they were also inside a nice little cloth baggie). I’m glad they were able to make it through the mail unharmed!

In my first order I tried one of the salve sticks, which I heartily enjoyed (it’s hanging out in my purse now!). The smudge sticks are tinted versions of the salve sticks, retaining the high peppermint scent. The colors are very nice, far less glossy than I expected them to be. I had swatches and now I can’t find the picture, but I did have this one of Hell Hath No Fury popped out of it’s sample case. I don’t know if they were supposed to do that but it meant I didn’t need a brush to apply them.


This was a super fun collection with the perfect references to Bob’s Burgers. The next collection being released is Orphan Black themed, and I’m sad that I don’t have the money to make any makeup purchases for a long while. I really recommend checking Ten Three Labs out, especially for their scents.

*Is there a different/better name for these things?


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