The Worst Blogger Award Goes To….


I suck so hard. I meant to take my break from school to make ALL THE POSTS but classes start on Monday and whomp whomp. I have all my Christmas stuff to review (fortunately there are no blogger packs so I’m not truly bound by obligation!).

I’m off to NYC to ring in the new year, see some mourning clothes at the MET, and reconnect with a recently relocated friend from grad school round 1. This will be my first real trip to NYC. I’ve technically been two other times: The the Coney Island Aquarium and to Radio City Music Hall. Not much else. We WILL be avoiding the ball drop/Times Square though. It just doesn’t sound like as much fun.

The last new year’s I spent in a large city was Tokyo. I rang in midnight by falling asleep on the delightful heated train seats (I’d been awake for 24 hours by that point!). I plan to be more excited, though I am far more nervous about navigating the NYC subway than I was about soloing in Tokyo, Seoul, AND St. Petersburg. Don’t worry, I promise to live.

Have a safe and happy new year, I’ll catch you all when I return in 2015!


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