Always Stays the Same

Nothing ever changes. ( English Summer Rain, seems to last for ages)

As we should all know by now, when I’m not taking blurry phone pics of makeup swatches, I work with old stuff. A lot of the old stuff I end up working with is old newspapers, but I also deal with yearbooks, letters, photos, etc. If it’s old, I’ve touched it. My current job generally focuses on old stuff in a specific bubble. I’m at an academic archive so we’re dealing with things that relate directly to our host school. Recently, we received a new special collection from a politician who is also an alumnus. Included in his files are constituent letters, of which I’ve processed ones from the early 2000s. And wow.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Accusations lobbied at Bush are identical to the ones being thrown at Obama (well, save for that “birther” bullshit). Language used in regards to abortion, gun control, and immigration? Identical. Black out the dates and identify events (such as the DC sniper shootings) and I would not be able to tell you what year these letters were written!

The right to bear arms is frequently cited.

From Tee Jay Tiger’s Deviant Art page

I frequently feel the same way when reading the old newspaper articles. I think there was more honesty in journalism at the beginning of the 20th century, but in terms of topics and the way the issues are presented?

If I were to show you an eight page spread of the best holiday gifts, advertisements for extended store hours, and editorials bemoaning the commercialization of Christmas, what year would you think they belonged in? Would you guess WWI era? (each word is its own link)

Seasons Greetings? Why, that’s something only politically correct ninnies say! Or people in the 1920s, whichever.

Our “divisive” political system with no middle ground? 2001, 2014, and also 1900.

A friend once asked the question “Percentage wise, is there more evil in the world today than there was 200 years ago?” At the time the question was asked it was something I pondered and went back and forth on. Now when I think of it I just scoff. There is exactly the same amount of “evil” in the world because nothing. ever. changes. And that sounds like hyperbole, because of course things change. We have cars now, women can vote, we don’t have segregated water fountains, the computer I’m typing this on was once an absurd piece of unattainable science fiction. The world certainly hasn’t remained stagnant, but on some deeper level, I don’t think people realize at all how little we’ve progressed


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