The Icing on the Nails (and the Sidewalks)

I hope you all are someplace warmer and drier than me! I thought I was going to die trying to get to me car this morning. It’s raining and then freezing. By the time I realized it wasn’t safe to go out, I also realized we couldn’t get back into the house. We might be sleeping in the car tonight. I regret not giving my cat more food this morning.

But this isn’t about the weather, this is about our nails. More specifically, Jamberry Nails. A friend recently hosted an online party for this direct-sales brand, and I actually had a lot of fun. I hadn’t intended to buy anything, as nails wraps had never really interested me previously (and “wrap” still feels like a misnomer…). The party itself ended up being a lot of fun (I am secretly a sucker for these kinds of parties) since it mostly focused on judging the different nail designs, and god knows I love judging!

I hadn’t intended to buy anything, but they had a couple of really cute reindeer patterns so I got those, then found a cute pair of art-deco reminiscent nails that I’m planning to wear to a speakeasy themed party in April, and at that point I get get my fourth pair for free so why not snowflakes?

They arrived quickly, and since I have the manual dexterity of an over-caffeinated toddler I was afraid that my application would not go so smoothly. There is a learning curve, my nails are a little bit bumpy from where I failed to get out air pockets and I didn’t do the greatest gob trimming the right hand. They recommend using a special nail heater or a blow dryer to get the nails to be pliable. I used the blow trying at first but then went to make tea and had the brilliant idea to use our (electric) stove burner, which was fabulous. While I’ve had to do some touch-up trims they are still on my nails and they overall look passable. Certainly better than when half my finger is covered in nail polish! I assume that I can only get better with practice. I did need to trim the sides some. I apparently have very small, narrow nails.

These will never completely replace nail polish for me (I like chipping it off, what can I say?), and they won’t replace the once-yearly manicure I get for pampering purposes, but they are great for the more intricate designs I can’t do on my own and can’t afford to have done regularly. I’ve also had problems with nail color transferring onto documents I’m working with (even with a top coat!) and I’m glad to eliminate that problem with these wraps.

If nail art is your jam (pun intended) or you need a gift for someone who is really into that kind of thing, I would recommend checking out there designs. The application kit in general looks like a great gift for someone who cares about their hands.

So while this has been my honest and unsolicited review (I like them, they have some cute patterns, they would make a decent gift) I do want to point people to my consultant’s page if they’re something you’re interested in trying. If you do buy, you can select “Hannah’s Party” as your hostess, or pick an even more random stranger if that’s a thing that would tickle your fancy! They even offer subscription boxes, if that’s something that tickles your fancy (I resisted the urge to make two “jam” puns in one post). Here’s the link and when I get home I’ll upload a picture of my own nails.

Deers and more deers!


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