Treat Yo Self!

Now that the biggest stressor in my life is “which type of cookie to bake first” (I’ve made a pros and cons list…) I can return to feeling like a semi-normal human being (haaaaa). This means that Tuesday I attended my kickboxing class for the first time in two weeks. It felt so good on all my stiff muscles after being stuck sitting for pretty much the entire month of November.

Exercise day is also the one day I really go all in and treat myself. It’s the only time I ever shower in the evening and I love having the extra time to really just indulge.

The first product I love for this sort of thing is Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle. This post-workout shower is the one time a week I deep condition my hair (more frequently and it gets oily). This makes me hair soft and smooth and completely manageable til the weekend. It really is a miracle. This is the only hair product I use, I only shampoo once a day, and I add a little extra moisturizer in the morning but when I deep condition it’s all I use.

While I’m waiting those three minutes, I use my Satin Hands conditioner and smoothie scrub. I’ve talked about my general dislike of Mary Kay products before, but these two components of the (3 part) Satin Hands set I really like. I then just use whatever lotion on them, because the hand creme itself is interchangeable with a lot of hand creams. (My personal favorite is TokyoMilk Dark). This also only happens once a week, though my hands could use it more. I’m just lucky I no longer have a job that gives me hand eczema in the winter! If you’re interested and need a consultant, message me and I can recommend mine.

In addition to whatever body wash I got on sale, I use the exfoliating loofa soap from OHWTO, mine is still pink gingerale scented and especially now that winter is drying everything out, it feels extra wonderful to use! I really like it for my feet, thighs, and elbows.

I was my face using one of my favorite products ever, Neutrogena’s night time make-up removing face wash (even though I don’t bother with makeup on exercise days). I think the product has been discontinued though, which happens every time a large brand name makes a product I want to use repeatedly and exclusively.

Post shower my hair is so easy to brush out, which is just incredible. I spritz my face with some argan oil (which makes the perfect light night moisturizer for my skin). I don’t use lotion after my post-workout shower, instead I use a muscle rub from Naturulz. This was a fairly local company back when I was in Oregon and they sold the product at my old job, so I was able to nab an otherwise pricey tub when it went on sale. It really does help my sore muscles and joints, though I wonder if it’s not the rubbing involved in application increasing circulation as opposed to any particular ingredient. This is a fairly oily product, which is why I don’t pair it with a proper lotion. It does absorb quickly and fully though, which is much appreciated. It truly changes from solid to liquid depending on room temperature and skin contact!


I wanted to include the “Treat Yo Self!” clip from Parks and Recreation but none of them are set to embed!

After a long day, what are your favorite ways to unwind and pamper?


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