Whomp Whomp

I hit 34k and then the finals happened and my days got away from me. I lost NaNo. But, I finished my first term of grad school (round two!) so you know, that’s not such a bad thing. If only December were National Novel Writing Month! With the term over, I totally would have the time to dedicate to my creative pursuits. I do have to spend some time getting my Maid of Honor on, and we need to pick a date for Fishmas (and I need to buy Fishmas cards from Concertina Press!).

It warmed up enough here that we were able to scrap all the snow and ice off our driveway after we came back from visiting Manbeast’s parents in central NY (where they had more snow, but also more power than my parents a mere hour north).

Thanksgiving really drives home what a strange year it has been.

I love my job so much more than the one I had in Oregon, but moving back to New England feels like a failure of everything I worked for, and I miss the culture of the PNW.

I don’t like grad school, but I am grateful to me in a well-received, accredited program that will help me advance my career.

I lost two of the people who matter the very most to me, and have still not moved on from that.

I’ve got this full month off though, so I’m hoping to get back into tending this little topiary with a more consistent regularity  (I went HARD on the black Friday sales!) and otherwise enjoying things before the new year comes and things get hectic again.

I hope everyone is in some kind of holiday spirit, even if it’s just the spirit to eat cookies!


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