A Very Indie Black Friday

Some facts about me and holidays:

  • Christmas is my favorite holiday (if you don’t count my birthday). It’s actually two holidays: Christmas and Fishmas. Anytime you’re at an aquarium from December 1st to January 1st you are honoring the spirit of Fishmas. (Concertina Press makes Fishmas Cards!)
  • Yes, I am an atheist. Yes, Christmas is my favorite holiday. No, I don’t have any problem reconciling that. I’m Germanic/Slavic, I’d still be bringing trees indoors even without Jesus.
  • My love of Christmas in pretty contingent on not going out in public between Black Friday and Christmas Eve because throngs of consumerist bullshit are just not my jam.
  • I’m behind if I haven’t finished my shopping by Halloween
  • I have harassed the Reese’s twitter not less than five times to just make some g.d. peanut butter turkeys and the misers have never responded.

Black Friday is just about the worst thing ever to me. Like, it disgusts me down to the very core of my being and I hate you a little bit if you participate. That’s just how it goes. To me, Christmas is about gift giving and excessive baking, not turning into some miserly, over-stressed, Martha Stewart wannabe. Which is why I try to avoid my mother during the holidays. I’m not being a joyful little sugar cookie of a human being when I am crammed in a long-ass line trying to buy a discount sweater. I ended up spending an entire Black Friday in the mall one year because my car was having work done across the street and it was my own personal Hell. Like, if Hell is real and customized, it will be That Mall on Black Friday and I will weep for eternity. And while I know that my one person is barely a piece of sand in the shoe of the American Corporate Goliath I still work very hard to intentionally spend zero dollars on any kind of thing on Black Friday (this year I already know I will be buying gas and turnpike rest stop food).

Still reading? Good, because we’re getting to the point (which I promise is not “Hershey is a horrible, unethical company for refusing to give into my demands for a Thanksgiving-themed peanut butter item).

This year, I have noticed a lot of the Indie make-up companies I follow (whether I’ve tried them or not) are having some super awesome Black Friday sales? Why Black Friday and not Cyber Monday? I dunno, probably cuz it’s pretty weird to just have a day dedicated to staying home and shopping in your snuggies. This here is a round-up of every Indie Black Friday Special I’ve come across. Missed one? Add it in the comments and let’s get this Master Post going!

AFKDetails tba

Alchimia ApothecarySeasonal scents and gift cards but no specific word on Black Friday yet!

AromaleighExclusive GWP for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, also their seasonal Sol Invictus collection is available

BaroquePalettes, 20% off codes tba before the sale on their FB

Bear’s Beauty25% off any order of $50 or more is going on RIGHT NOW, Black Friday sales TBA

Blue Piano: 40% off a select section (with the potential for a 30% off the entire store… see comments for details!)

Darling GirlFlash sales on Saturday, 20% off gift coupons on Friday. Details info here.

Geek ChicStore will reopen for sale, details tba. “Ever in Your Favor” collection to go live (sidenote: Please let’s collectively agree to come up with a different Hunger Games reference… what about the Districts, or the Odds… anything!)

Hello WaffleRelease of the limited edition “Kitty Kingdom” collection, a limited selection of items to select from (list viewable here), and weekend- long sales

Life’s EntropyNew permanent and LE products, discounts, GWP. Details here

Notoriously Morbid: Direct quote (video will autoplay, adjust volume accordingly) “Each purchase of the Black Friday Exclusive collection of five Limited Edition shadows will include a surprise code* for 30, 40 or even 50% off each purchase made for one year”

ShiroHaving a sale, details TBA

Ten Three LabsOffering held/combined shipping on any currently open orders or orders placed before Black Friday, 20% off (with code), grand re-opening Bob’s Burgers collection and if you spend >$5 you will get a GWP. A Hunger Games collection that ISN’T called “Ever in Your Favor.” May or May Not include a free pony.

I’ll try to update this if I see more info being released and please, if you know an indie brand that is doing a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal leave a comment! It doesn’t even have to be cosmetic related to count! Happy Holiday Shopping!


Psst: Kate Spade is having a give away (details on the home page of her site) to win a $1,000 gift card plus 4 more for your friends. I entered and you should too (and give one of the gift cards to me if you win so that I can buy this dress and pretend I’m as pretty as Anna Kendrick)


3 thoughts on “A Very Indie Black Friday

  1. earth2bellas says:

    Hahaha that was kinda epic. I was suckered in to Black Friday shopping once…I don’t speak to those ppl anymore. As for online shops doing Black Friday…we do it cuz we can, of course (;

  2. earth2bellas says:

    Sure thanks! There will be a whole section in the shop with %40 off and if storenvy chooses me for their sale thing the whole shop will be 30% off all weekend (:

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