Shit I’ve Backed on Kickstarter, or, An Itemized Look at my Credit Card Debt

I typed that title out and then thought “wow, that’s kind of an irreverent way to talk about all the pretty cool stuff I’ve gotten through Kickstarter…” and then I remembered the title I intentionally gave this blog when I started it and figured I was all good. given that nothing I’ve backed has resulted in my receiving essential items I need to live my life I suppose there’s an argument to be made.

Rather than make this post as I got things, I waited til this round of rewards all came in. So I’ve had some of this stuff for MONTHS now and have done you all a disservice by not announcing it right away. My bad.

If you’re living under a rock without internet, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site for STUFF. Unlike GoFundMe- which is for assuaging your existential crisis through online charity, or IndieGoGo- which is for… art house indie films? I am not sure! Anywho, in many ways Kickstarter is just a preordering system with no guarantee you’ll actually get your stuff because if it doesn’t get funded you don’t have to pay.

So it’s preordering with added adrenaline rush of uncertainty!

It’s also led me to make several large pledges and then curse myself out when the thing is funded and I have to pony up.

Whatever, I own a motherfucking Starwhal. And you don’t. Probably.

Kickstarter #1: Silver Lining Productions

My pledge tier merely received a sticker, but whatever. I backed this project because I actually know the ladies involved. The Redoux Parlour was practically in the backyard of the roach-motel I spent my last six months in Eugene living in (note: The Redoux Parlour does not appear to have anything to do with roaches). In short: I support people I’ve met and sold my used clothing too, I support more local manufacturing, I support US based manufacturing companies that AREN’T involved with disgusting alleged rapists, the hand-made clothing that was for sale in the Redoux Parlour was badass and even though I couldn’t afford any of it I wanted to. Check them out!

Kickstarter #2: The Tentatrio (and Starwhal)

When Seanan McGuire started tweeting about Starwhals, I did what any logical person would do: I backed my ass up right to the Tentatrio Kickstarter page. Once there I discovered that I wanted them ALL so scooted on over to the tier that nabbed me four plushies, a tote bag, postcards, stickers, and a pin. They go quite well with my Korean Seal and Dollar Store Cuddly Cousin. You too can have a Starwhal, or an Ika, or a Jellyblub, or a Sweetoof!

Kickstarter #3: Monsters of the Deep

I’m a sucker for fish. Fish and folklore. So the Monsters of the Deep “zine” really spoke to me. I got a physical copy and the post cards. This was a pretty cool anthology, even though the work of the different artists felt inconsistent in skill/quality. Some of the comic style pages were hard to read. Still, the double-sided book (half fiction, half reality) is a real neat endeavor and I’m glad I have it! Plus now I can send someone a postcard with mermaid boobs. Cross that one off my bucket list. You can learn more about the appropriately named Nessie Press here.

Kickstarter #4: Snorffles and Meeps

I somehow discovered Snorffles and Meeps through the Tentatrio but don’t remember how. Regardless, I was sold on a nice book of cute animal arts that I could put on the nightstand we use as a coffee table. I got the book, an 8X10 tiger print (tigers are my favorite!), notecards, stickers (I got the guinea pig! hooray!), the goat tote, and a cat pin. The Snorffles and Meeps site that is linked on the kickstarter page doesn’t work, but I can send you to the artists’ shops! Jeannine Schafer and Steph Laberis.

Other Projects:

The Equal Writes Campaign: I merely pledged a dollar so that it could be known: I support women in publishing. Shebooks is an e-book company focusing on publishing the work of women writer’s, which I think is totally cool.

Pug-let: I had pledged enough for two tickets, I’m close enough that I could make a Providence showing of Hamlet with Pugs. Then the project got funded and I had a “look at your life, look at your spending habits” moment and canceled my pledge. They did alright with out me so I don’t feel too bad. Would’ve liked to play with all the pugs though. The writings of Kevin Broccoli can be seen here.

And if you want to see actual shit that is on Kickstarter, here you go!


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