My New England is Showing and Other Topics

When I pick locations from my story I basically pull things out of my ass, or Google maps. In my writing folder I have stories set in Nantucket, San Francisco/LA/Portland, Central Pennsylvania, and the current NaNo project, set in Oklahoma and Texas.

So when my characters, all of whom grew up in OK or TX are talking and I really get my dialogue rolling what happens?

Someone slips out a “wicked.”

If my Nantucket selkies want to qualify every word they say with a “wicked” that is totally fine, they can get away with it. Anyone else? Well, I could have set my story in backwoods Maine, or an anti-government compound in New Hampshire, but it wouldn’t have felt as right.

Authentic dialogue isn’t a typical problem I face (smooth exposition, on the other hand…) but not using “wicked” as a qualifier is so ingrained in me that it’s simply just How People Speak. Which it is not. Which is wicked stupid. Like, what do you other people say? How do you get through life without throwing out random “wickeds” and “fucking a’s”? The only good thing about moving back here is that I talk like (almost) everyone else. I don’t have the Boston/New England accent (thank fuck.) and there’s a little more Pennsylvanian than New Englanders are used to (thanks, Mom and Dad!), but at least people know what I mean when I say wicked.

I just have to make sure it doesn’t inappropriately weasel it’s way into my dialogue. I’m still behind, but catching up. If I neglect my school work this weekend I can totally close the gap. Ha, I wish… (that I could neglect my work, I do want to close the gap).

Other life events include: A job opening I was not expecting to happen for awhile. I still love the job I have, but the opening is for a position much higher up the career ladder than “glorified secretary” and I feel like I have to apply. I’ve been planning to apply when it opened, actually, I just thought I would have more time… like until I finished grad school!

So to make myself look the best I’m debating doing school and work full-time next semester, which would really only be taking one more class but I don’t know if I have the time and mental fortitude to handle it. I want to, but reality doesn’t always respect my wishes. Oof. This has been a hell of a year.

And finally, in the not too distant past, Earth to Bella nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog” award. Which is super awesome. I won’t be nominating anyone directly because that is not my jam, but if you’re a follower of this site, consider yourself loved. I will do the “post seven facts” part in an interest to stop being so cagey about my personal self.

  1. My favorite color is blue, flavor/scent is almond, fruit is raspberries, movie is Mean Girls, and book is Cat’s Cradle
  2. I started this blog to familiarize myself with site designs, then I made my first purchase of Shiro Cosmetics and was hooked on indie/wanted to share that. I still don’t consider myself a full review blog.
  3. Important personalities in my life include my younger brother, my very best friend, my other best friend, my cat, and my almost fiance.
  4. This year will be longest consecutive amount of time I’ve spent in New England since I turned 18 (in 2006)
  5. I’m in an online Library Science program- going for my Master’s in Library Science with a concentration in Archives
  6. I love archiving and am happy in the profession but my dream has always been to be a fish doctor. You haven’t had fun until you’ve pulled fish lice off an oranda!
  7. I didn’t purchase make up until I was 20, and didn’t start wearing it regularly until I was 22. I thought I had to chose between being smart and being fancy, now I know that’s a lie and that you can (and should!) be both.

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