Re-review: OHWTO

I got a giant haul from One Hand Washes the Other (previously reviewed here) about a month ago (maybe more).

And over half of what I bought is Christmas Presents and I can’t share it with you.

I did order a larger Black Magic Bar to replace the first one that I used up.

I also decided to try some of their Indulgence Cream and I picked the scent “Pasticceria,” which is described on the scent list as “An Italian pastry shop, the pasticceria has all the best dessert smells in the world. Marzipan, hazelnut, almonds, vanilla, cakes, assorted pastries, frosting, and of course, pure sugar. It’s not edible, please don’t try.”

Holy yum. Marzipan (made from almonds), almonds, filberts? CAKE?? PASTRIES??? This scent was made for me. I would move into a vat of this stuff if I could. It smells like my much coveted Burt’s Bee’s Almond Milk Hand Cream but BETTER and less greasy. The Indulgences aren’t designed to be specific hand creams but I can use them on mine and it soaks in effectively enough that I can touch my face and hair throughout the day without gross, oily transfer. Also, the Burt’s Bees is $9 for two ounces, and the Indulgences are $7 for four ounces. Hmmmm…

There’s just one problem. Manbeast hates it. Neither of us are particularly scent-oriented people. He doesn’t wear cologne, I don’t do perfume with any regularity and we generally stick to unscented or lightly scented products in regards to soaps and deodorants. Conflicting scent opinions aren’t a problem we usually have.

So we compromised: I get to smell like I rolled in almond paste, and he can fucking deal. The scent doesn’t stay super strong for a really long time and we spend most of the day apart anyways.

Irreverent on the Internet, giving you A+ relationship advice since… this post!

I adore this scent so much. I will absolutely be buying more of this scent, in its indulgence for and in whatever form OHWTO will let me have it in.


And there’s other stuff, so if you’re one of those really horrible people who is like “ew, almonds” (or if you’re a Jonestown survivor who associates the scent with cyanide…), you can still indulge in an Indulgence with any of the other fragrances on stock. I already am a fan of the Raspberry Gingerale scent, and I think Samovar and Memento both sounds like great options, but there should be something for everyone. If you haven’t tried OHWTO yet, please, remedy that posthaste!


3 thoughts on “Re-review: OHWTO

  1. Just Jojo says:

    Thanks for the relationship advice! He didn’t love my ALL THE FIRES perfume by OHWTO, so I left the fucker! 😉

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