Irreverent Reviews: eShakti

Do you ever have slow, languid days that aren’t bad, per se, but they aren’t really anything? And then you find out you have packages waiting for you and the whole day brightens up?

And then you open up the box and discover you have to return EVERYTHING?

Le sigh.

eShakti is a pricey online site that offers a customization and expanded sizes on all their clothing. I have a navy blue jacket from the site that is stylish, well-made from good quality materials, and a perfect fit.

I’m 5’8″ and have a near-impossible time finding dresses that are long enough for me (that aren’t maxi dresses), so knowing I could order an eShakti dress and having it fall below or at my knees was a blessed miracle. AND I could get custom sleeves! I love wearing dresses, and paired with leggings I have a great office appropriate fall/winter outfit. I can get most eShakti dresses with long sleeves. Hooray!

They’ve been having a buy two, get one free sale (which ends Sunday), so I bought two and got one free! I consulted their sizing chart and thought that by getting a 10 I would be sizing up for my measurements. What I ultimately ended up with are three dresses that I cannot fit into, especially in the chest area. They have to go back.

I’m confused because I went off of measurements that I have used before. Since my other clothes still fit me, I’m unsure what exactly happened. eShakti does not have free shipping on returns, and they do not do exchanges, so I can’t merely swap the three otherwise beautiful dresses out for size 14s. The exchange will be given to me in form of store credit, which is fine, but I am not optimistic the return will even get to them before the 9th. I’m sort of at a loss for what to do, this was an  splurge to take advantage of a good deal. I was considering ordering another few, but now I guess I have to reorder the ones I otherwise loved? I’m incredibly nervous about the sizing now. Also, shipping increases the more expensive the order total is.

These clothes ARE high quality though, and a lot of their prices are comparable to ModCloth, but the workmanship just excels beyond the ModCloth price point. But, I can buy as much as I want at ModCloth and if it doesn’t work out I get free returns, which is a really handy thing when you can ONLY order online (and when it takes you three tries to just realize you need to buy your shoes elsewhere).

This order was a huge disappointment to me.  The size thing is frustrating and unexpected. If you’re ordering I would also suggest removing the pockets, to help the dresses fall better.

I don’t know how I’ll resolve this, but it’s pretty frustrating. It’s also frustrating that I contacted customer service about a coupon code not working, and so far the suggested solutions haven’t enabled me to use it. I hope I get that sorted before this sale ends.


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