Going Beyond the Go To

If I reblog this, will I remember to come back and consult it?

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

As I’ve mentioned before, I usually make a menu for the whole week, grocery shop for all that I need and then cruise through cooking the whole week. I am great at selecting new and interesting main dishes for our meals. So much so that I often forget about sides. Some meals either don’t require one or lend themselves to an easy one (stir fry + rice). Others, like a roasted pork loin, are just so open to anything.

When I really get ambitious, I look for recipes for different side dishes to make. My standard “go to” is to steam some vegetables and add a quick starch (potatoes, rice, stuffing, noodles). Yes, you can tell I am in the midwest….

Pepper-Roasted Cauliflower

Photo Feb 25, 5 35 36 PM - Featured Size

This side was easy and had some good flavor over just standard steamed cauliflower.

Photo Feb 25, 4 54 07 PM

Ingredients I already had (except for the cauliflower).

Photo Feb 25, 4 56 27 PM

Mix up the flavors and…

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