Fill the Cavity, Your God-Shaped Hole Tonight*

Ah Tuesday. I hope everyone had a great Indigenous Peoples Day/Columbus Day/Call it Whatever Just Give Me the Time Off Day! On Thursday I should have a review of the stuff I got from Hello Waffle. I’ve been lazy/busy and haven’t even had the chance to swatch them yet. Grad school is taking it’s toll and all that jazz. Plus the in-laws were here over the weekend. They are really great people, they also drive me a little batty. Less batty than my own parents do, fortunately.

Sunday night is what I really want to talk about though. Through a kind, wonderful friend I managed to get a ticket to the sold out Placebo show in Boston. Placebo is one of my all-time favorite bands. I was lucky enough to see their set when they played on the Projekt Revolution tour back in 2007/2008 (I can’t remember). There set was phenomenal then and I’ve been trying for years to see them live again. I came close twice only to have the shows canceled. It was heartbreaking.

When I was in the midst of that abusive relationship I sometimes mention, Placebo was The Band that I went to, the one I really connected with on that deep, soulful level.That’s… not exactly a good thing, but it was a thing. If I had received monetary compensation every time I drove around in my Corolla sobbing to ‘Every You Every Me’ I would have a life savings right now, and that is less of an exaggeration than you probably want it to be.

And then, in 2009 they released Battle for the Sun, which a lot of people didn’t like, but as I moved on from that shitty part of my life, Placebo came with me.

I clearly still love them. There is always a Placebo cd in my car. I don’t feel that same “I am living this life” connection that I once did (and thank god for that) but fuck, they are still a phenomenal band.

And seeing them headline was probably the highlight of this very, very tough year. After my grandmother died, Kings of Medicine was the only song I would listen to for weeks. It’s not entirely appropriate, but nothing else really seemed to get it.

Don’t leave me here to pass through time/without a map or road sign/ don’t leave me here my guiding light/ cuz I, I wouldn’t know where to begin

Live music in general is the closest I ever seem to come to have a religious experience. Being in that room sweating and screaming wit a bunch of stranger there to feel that same energy that you are? It sounds so cliche but it’s magical. And there is this band that is on stage and they have gotten people through some serious shit. Maybe not all of us, but I am sure I am not alone, that I am not the only one who screamed “see you at the bitter end” to a specific individual.

And this band up there? They don’t know. I mean, they know on a basic level. But do they know?

From up on the balcony I had a great view of Steve the Drummer, and the stagehand behind Steve, who looked pretty miserable sitting there making sure the mic didn’t swing down and whack the drummer in the face. As their final song ended (with no need for drums), Steve left his drum kit and got down and talked to this guy. No, he bro-ed out with this guy. I’m no body language expert but what I saw was a rockstar being genuinely gracious to, interested in, and thankful for a supporting player on their tour. And that man? He had looked painfully bored the entire show but he lit up during this heart to heart. Seeing that overwhelmed the music for me, it gave me the warmest, fuzziest feeling to go along with the tinnitus I usually get at these shows.

The setlist was INCREDIBLE (I did NOT expect to hear Post Blue. Or One of a Kind. Or Infra-Red. Or Song to Say Goodbye, or…**). They played all the songs I really liked off the new album. They played Special K. This is a band with a huge extensive discography and the only thing that could have truly satisfied my raging fangirl would be if they played it all and that is just an inhuman request. Human limitations considered, they did fucking great and I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

Now all I need to do is see The Kills and I’ll have completed my concert bucket-list.

But Placebo is welcome to be in my proximity at any time.


**tl;dr: The only thing from Meds I expected to hear was Running Up That Hill.


2 thoughts on “Fill the Cavity, Your God-Shaped Hole Tonight*

  1. earth2bellas says:

    Shows are awesome.. It’s the mob mentality. I’d see any show I could get into I don’t even care who’s playing lol. Congrats on this…I feel ya. That’s a definite win. (:

  2. […] was a silly oversight that I didn’t mention this in my last post, but the opening band (The Moth and the Flame) were also really good. I was completely unfamiliar […]

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