Irreverent Reviews: Aromaleigh’s Fall and Halloween Collections (featuring my cat’s helpful butt.)

In the not so distant past Aromaleigh put out a call on their Facebook page: would any bloggers like some free sample of the fall Dryades collection and the Halloween Diavoli collections to review and photograph?

Obviously I passed that offer up because I am fully aware of the quality of my photography skills and have no desire to take advantage of one of my favorite companies. I DID go ahead and buy full sample sets of both collections plus the Autism Acceptance color “Neurodivergent.”

So this post will include my swatches and thoughts BUT ALSO a collection of links to other bloggers’ reviews. Aromaleigh describes both of these sets as having strong shifts and duochromes, and they’re right. With my cellphone camera and one base type I just can’t do justice to the complexity of the colors. With the crappy lighting in my apartment I can’t see the complexities in some of the colors myself! It will also include a lot of pictures of my cat, who hopped up on the bed to “help” right in the middle of all this. My cat has a complicated relationship with eyeshadow. She loves to lick it off my eyelids. I take several issues with that. She gets mad when I don’t let her eat it. I get mad when she tries to eat it. She also has to sniff and rub her face on EVERYTHING. Every sample bag I picked up was inspected thoroughly by Her Majesty before it was swatched. Here’s our fearless helper sniffing my makeup brush:

Immediately after I took this picture she deep-throated the brush and there was some yelling. It did not deter her.

Immediately after I took this picture she deep-throated the brush and there was some yelling. It did not deter her.

Let’s start with Autism Acceptance color “Neurodivergent,” which is the second of two Autism Acceptance colors, the first being “#lovenotfear.” Kristen Leigh Bell, the genius behind Aromaleigh, was diagnosed with Autism later in her life so the cause is very close the her. I am personally not Autistic but my brother displays a lot of the signs that he might be. He is absolutely not neurotypical and varies a lot from the “typical” Down’s kid. The right choice for my family has been to not seek further diagnosis under the logic of “what’s one more label?” It’s a luxury we have because his needs are already being adequately met. My brother’s personal history and his participation in Special Olympics (filled with all kinds of neurodivergent athletes, Autistic and beyond) means that Autism Acceptance is something important to me in more of a fringe way, but important nonetheless. There are many harmful stereotypes about the behaviors that come with Autism, and there’s a lack of knowledge about the full spectrum (most people I encounter seem to believe there is hard, non-functioning Autism and light, socially inept Aspergers, which is a gross under-representation of the spectrum’s diversity). 50% of the proceeds from #lovenotfear go to the Golden Hat Foundation and 50% Neurodivergent go to the Autism Women’s Network. Hopefully it is obvious that I think both are good causes but what really drew me to the Neurodivergent color was the fact that it looked like a dupe for the BareMinerals color I posted about here. It isn’t, but it’s close. Mirage is browner than Neurodivergent, and I think Neurodivergent is actually MORE iridescent. Mirage has been my go to crease color for months, I can see replacing it with Neurodivergent. Though I only got a sample this time, I placed another order (to get the Pure Eyes Matte collection at its Monday sale price and the Ever in Your Favor* collection before it’s gone) and included a full size of it, because I love it that much. That and you know, good cause!

Neurodivergent (left) next to BareMinerals

Neurodivergent (left) next to BareMinerals.

A close up

A close up

Fitting with the Greek mythology theme established in this summer’s Okeanides collection, the fall collection is Dryades, inspired by forest nymphs. Every color in this collection looks like a dead leaf, and that’s a good thing. It really is the perfect fall collection.

Gaasynietha (from the serpens collection that I never swatched) and Byblis

Gaasynietha (from the serpens collection that I never swatched) and Byblis

From Top: Daphnis, Dryope, Ekho, Heliades

From Top: Daphnis, Dryope, Ekho, Heliades

Kraneia, Kyllene, Othreis, Pitys

Hesperides, Kraneia, Kyllene, Othreis, Pitys

The Halloween collection, Diavoli, is inspired by the devils in Dante’s Inferno. I bought ratty old copies of the Divine Comedy at a book sale when I was in like, 7th grade. And then I read them all. Inferno is the very best of the set in my opinion. I loved the descriptions of all the layers of hell (The City of Dis is my favorite, in case anyone cared). These colors are incredibly shifty and while I think they look good in the swatches that I got, they aren’t at their best. These are incredible, dynamic shadows and I just don’t have the tools or skills to do them justice. But if you want to see what they look like on a bad day…

Scarmiglione, Rubicante, Malebrance, Malacoda, Libicocco,

Scarmiglione, Rubicante, Malebrance, Malacoda, Libicocco

Grafficane, Farfarello, Draghignazzo, Ciriatto, Calcabrina, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, Alichino

Grafficane, Farfarello, Draghignazzo, Ciriatto, Calcabrina, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, Alichino

They look very neutral in the photos I got, and really they aren’t. Be sure to check out the links to other swatch bloggers below for fancier pictures.

I also got some samples! Gaasyndietha was one of the samples and you can see that swatched above. Here are the others:

(BM and Neurodivergent at the top)  Qilin, Elisabetta, Isadora

(BM and Neurodivergent at the top) Qilin, Elisabetta, Isadora

Qilin is part of the new Color of the Month program, which will feature a different Mythical Monster from September to September (October’s color is Cthulu!). Elisabetta is from the Chiara collection (and very close to my personal favorite variant on “Elizabeth) and Isadora is from the Pure Eyes Lustre collection. Both collections have been discontinued but can still be purchased at the old site (now clearance only).

I also got a full size of Hellebore, my favorite color ever, for helping them work out some kinks in the new site. Swatches of Hellebore can be seen in my first post.

Now, actually useful links:

Aromaleigh’s round up post of different Diavoli swatches and looks

Teacup Joy on Dryades

Blix the Moon Maiden on Dryades

Bonus cat picture: 20140924_213602

*When that arrives I will have complete sample sets of all the limited edition collections.


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