Irreverent Reviews: Darling Girl Cosmetics

Darling Girl Cosmetics can only be described as “extensive.” There motto is “Life is Short. Wear more Glitter.” It seems they offer a little bit of everything (though at the moment many items are out of stock). What this means is that while I did purchase the Blogger Pack (described as “4 loose shadows or loose blushes of your choice, excluding Stardust shades. (sample baggies) [and] 1 petit jars (mini) of your choice excluding, Stardust shades”) there were so many OTHER products that I just had to try! Plus there was a sale.

For my blogger pack I opted for all shadows, because blush just isn’t really my thing. I received Bronze Dawn, Holy Shitake, Melancholia, Bodice Ripper, Wood Sprite, Model Walk, Sovereign, and Cupcake Woo-Who. I also purchased the September Color of the Month “I Smiled Once,” an homage to Grumpy Cat.20140924_173955From the top:

Cupcake Woo Who: A blue with kinda red sparkles? It makes me think of the red wash impure bettas get

I Smiled Once: Taupe? A very neutral color akin to Grumpy Cat’s greyish bits

Antiquity: I’ll Talk about that one more below

Holy Shitake: A mushroomy grey

Bronze Dawn: A rusty semi-matte red

20140924_174005Different angles of Holy Shitake and Bodice Ripper

Model Walk: A clovery teal

Sovereign: A rustyish taupe?

Wood Sprite: kind of an antique bronze color

Bodice Ripper: A matte rust color

I wanted very badly to try their gel eyeliners in “Blue My Mind” or “Zero Gravity” but none are currently available. I will be making sure I check back often and do another review when I finally get to try them.

I also got the watercolor Paint Pot in The Shade of It All. Yes, I made my decision of which color to purchase solely on the name. The description of the product says that “Watercolor Paint Pots have a soft creamy consistency, almost like a mousse; they are not water proof, but once set, they are pretty smudge proof.  They have almost a cream-to-powder effect.” I did not notice any cream-to-powder effect when I tried out this product. That said it is still beautiful and creamy and looks wonderful. A concern for the is the pump bottle. I got WAY more than I would need for two eyes when I did this swatch, however it was my first time using the bottle. I’m hoping now that the tube has been primed it is easier to control the amount.

The tube bottle pump thing

The tube bottle pump thing


The highlight of all the products I received, however, was the Semi-loose eyeshadow in “Antiquity.” I’m still unsure how the “semi-loose” thing works but holy moo cows. The way it swatches, the way it looks… I mean, nothing against every other Darling Girl shadow I tried- they’re all fine and beautiful. But this… antiquity blows them all out of the park. The color is rich and magnificent after only one swipe, the texture is divine, this is one of the best products I’ve tried from anyone ever and if I could just switch all my shadows over to semi-loose I’d do it because it’s far superior than anything else. The pictures, both mine and on the site, don’t do it justice. Still, when I sent a photo of the full-arm swatch to BFF her first reaction was “Oh my god that gold.” This color seriously inspires me to just rub it all over my face and run around yelling “I am a golden god!”



A close up of Antiquity and also Melancholia which I forgot to swatch earlier and is like a sheer blurple.

A close up of Antiquity and also Melancholia which I forgot to swatch earlier and is like a sheer blurple.

Because I chose a big sale time to make my order, I had to wait a really long time for it. I didn’t mind, that’s what I expect when I join a rush like that! Because it took so long, I was gifted a free Glitter Glue to make up for my wait time. I must confess that I haven’t tried it with any of the Darling Girl shadows yet, but I DID use it with that Stila shadow I talked about before. It was messier to apply by far but I think it increased the lasting power of the shadow overall (speaking strictly for the Stila stuff of course, which is kind of a mess to begin with). I thought I had a picture of the results, it’s apparently not on my phone. I plan to try it with some regular shadows too, but am pleased to know I have something that is versatile.

I found their website tricky to navigate if you didn’t know what exactly you were looking for as there isn’t really a “browse all” option. For eyeshadow I always go to “face” first instead of “pigments.” If my suggestions were warranted I would suggest streamlining and trying to pare down the number of links, maybe a browse all option. Regardless it’s not going to stop me fro purchasing from Darling Girl again, especially since I need all the semi-loose shadows!

If I didn’t include a link with the color, it was seasonal and I was unable to find it on the website


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