Stylish Surprise and Re-evaluations

I think the fact that I couldn’t get this post up at all on Friday justifies it’s content. I got out of work early and went out into the big wide world to do big wide things and by the time I got home it was 3am Saturday morning. Soooo happy late post!

Ugh and blah. I’m overall in a good mood, and yesterday I managed to score tickets to a sold out show for one of my favorite bands so know that not everything here is doom and gloom.

All that being said I am finding myself overwhelmed with obligations and priorities. I want to be the best maid of honor I can be to my friend, I am having trouble adapting to an online class format, and I have more days and weekends with extra obligations than not. It’s taking it’s toll on me. I’ve said it before, but I love this blog. I love reviewing things, I love having a place to dump my thoughts, and I think it’s keeping my writing skills from going completely dull (even though it often keeps me from fulfilling my creative writing goals). But this blog and even my creative endeavors are merely hobbies. I have a real job, and I have to get consistently good grades in graduate school .

I also have two more blogger packs to review. I purchased those goods specifically to provide reviews and I have that obligation to those companies. I have nothing at all against bloggers who don’t stick to a posting schedule and just write whatever whenever, but that isn’t going to work for me. I have so much going on that structure is a very necessary part of my life and not enough of it is why I feel I am struggling in my academic and wedding related duties. I’m going to cut back to a Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule and see if this helps. I like the idea of having more than two posts a week so I might throw in some Sunday posts here and there but my focus will be on keeping the Tuesday/Thursday schedule.

In much better news, ModCloth did (is doing?) their Stylish Surprise promotion again. As tight as money is, I can’t pass up on the thrill of a surprise piece of clothing. I’ve done this twice before with limited success; the first time I received a beautiful dress that was much too formal to meet any of my needs and the second time I received the ugliest pair of leggings ever. I love so much of ModCloth’s stuff but have a hard time justifying purchases from them. I’m 5’8″ and can’t justify spending $50+ on a dress that is going to be too short to wear comfortably in public, and their “longer lengths” section is heavily skewed towards maxi-dresses. Nothing against maxi-dresses, but they aren’t all I want to wear.

So this Stylish Surprise was awesome. It was a well made, thick, long black and white dress. The shoulder flaps give it a bit more of a “Monica Lewinsky” vibe than I particularly care for. If I had any alteration skills I would probably remove the color and make it look a little more chic. Still, it is the perfect length and I’d feel comfortable wearing this to work or to a nice dinner.

I feel like a classy lady. A classy lady from the 90s.

Enjoy this poorly lit picture of me wearing the dress! Or not, because I can’t get the upload to work! I’ll try again later. Oh hey, it finally worked!

20141001_172505 (1)


One thought on “Stylish Surprise and Re-evaluations

  1. earth2bellas says:

    I threw a bridal shower in Feb using only Pinterest and the dollar store lol. If you need any help you know where to find me (: You’ll be fine tho no worries. Kudos on the ModCloth!

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