Irreverent Reviews: Notoriously Morbid

I went binge shopping over Labor Day and bought a LOT of blogger packs to review. Because sales! And content! And irresponsible financial decisions! I regret nothing!

Well, the first of these packs to arrive was from Notoriously Morbid. NM has both a stand-alone site and a Storenvy. I don’t know why, and I find it confusing. My order was placed on the standalone site. NM also offers a monthly subscription service called “The Vanishing Cabinet” which is very popular. I love the idea of indie subscription boxes, so while I am not able to subscribe at this time, I think it’s very cool that they offer one, especially since each month has a different theme (September’s was Tim Curry films, though I am sad there was no “Professional Pirate” color). Most (all?) of Notoriously Morbid’s colors have referential names, which I always love. Some of them are really sneaky names though, and I appreciate that thought that went into pulling up some of the particular quotes and references.

This was my first time purchasing a blogger review pack. It’s officially the “Beauty Blogger Package” and when I order these I’m always afraid that I’m going to get told no, because I think I’m less of a beauty blogger and more of a general internet cretin. But hey, I give honest reviews and at this point I think I know a thing or two about makeup.



For $5, the blogger pack includes “1 full size product and 5 sample baggies of shadow! (in addition to samples and whatnot)” The full-sized options include a Lipcraft lipgloss, a full-sized shadow, or a Coffin Kisser (NM’s chapstick). As much as I LOVE the Lovecraft reference, I’m just not a lipstick person, and I’m totally fine with just sample baggies for my shadow. Besides, I knew going in that I wanted a Coffin Kisser. Just do a general run through of some beauty blogs doing NM reviews, for many the Coffin Kisser is a Holy Grail balm. Because I am That White Girl I picked “Pumpkin’s Crazy Grin” a pumpkin cheesecake “flavor” and said to just do whatever for the shadows.

So I put flavor in quotes up there because I don’t think the Coffin Kisser has ANY flavor. Which is not to say it’s gross, but I’m not licking the stuff off my lips to taste it like I was the time I got a tube of Trefoil chapstick. It does however have an awesome pumpkiny scent, and the scent is beautiful and delicious. I can see why people love this lip balm so much, it gently melts onto your lips, where it stays and moisturizes without leaving them shiny and greasy. My only other experience with an indie lip balm (/chapstick? Is there a difference?) is Detrivore’s embalming tubes. I love the chai flavor I selected (again it’s all smell and no taste), but it doesn’t soak into my lips as well as the Coffin Kisser does, leaving them feeling greasy and then Manbeast will not smooch me.  The Coffin Kissers really live up to their reputation. I don’t like the oval tube though, and much prefer the traditional round tube, but that is not enough to keep me from buying more of these in the future.


In addition to the five random shadows I also purchased a full-size Jupiter Rain shadow. As soon as I saw that color I knew I would be purchasing it, not just because it’s a beautiful, vibrant teal. No, this color could have been baby poop brown and I still would have purchased it. Profits from this color go to support RAINN. Ending sexual violence and supporting those who have experienced it is a cause near and dear to me. Fortunately this color is absolutely gorgeous, easily my favorite from the ones I received. That means that to me, buying this shadow is a no-brainer: Good cause, great color, everyone wins!

I was very pleased with the samples I got. The color variety was great and they swatched very easily.



From top to bottom we have (labels drawn on in Palladio eyeliner in Eggplant!):

Gorgeous Ghouls, the Color of the Month: The flagship COTM, this is a fun, bubblegummy pink

Melancholy One: This might be the favorite shadow that I received. It’s a beautiful shimmery grey/blue and I can already think of a thousand ways to wear it.

Jupiter Rain

Walking on Sunshine: Blurple! A really fabulous, sparkly blurple. It looks more blue in the picture but as soon as I swatched it I shouted “Blurple!!” And ran over to show Manbeast. It really is the embodiment of the color.

Evil Eye: It looks salmon in the bag but really is more of a light pinky purple. This would actually fit right in with the “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” Collection!

Hallelujah: It’s brown. It’s a sparkly, nutmeggy brown and it’s a great sparkle neutral but there are only so many ways to say “brown.” Trust me, I’m a brunette.

Bad Juju: a browny red. The description says “magenta” but I always thought magenta was more purple? It is possible I just don’t know my colors.

It’s the Riche that Counts: This color was the biggest surprise. In the bag, it looks canary yellow. I saw it and thought “oh ugh, when am I ever going to need canary yellow eyeshadow?” Well, in reality it’s a beautiful pink champagne color, and I can think of a thousand times when I’ll need something like that!

Lizard on a Window Pane: A nice gold

Look Upon Me: In the bag it’s chinchilla colored, swatched it’s kinda of a dusty purple.

Two of the shadows I received are from the “Winchester Gospels” collection and as a (former) Supernatural fan, that left me really tickled. Notoriously Morbid has good color selection and good quality and I enjoyed everything I received. My experiences with indie shadows has really been that (so far) they are all on par with each other in terms of ease of use, application, smoothness, etc and Notoriously Morbid fits right in there. That said, I am still super impressed because I HAVE NO DUPES! When I pour everything out, when I swatch side by side, in ever comparison, all the colors are unique. And they all integrate well together, and have just the right amount of sparkle! I really enjoyed my shadows from Notoriously Morbid and will be going back to buy full sizes of several colors.


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