Irreverent Reviews: Hello Waffle

Ok, first we need to talk about what Hello Waffle has against it: They ship from Canada. This means that my American butt has to deal with the higher shipping rates everyone else is already used to. I don’t know if there’s a risk of paying extra customs (like there was when I was in Korea) but it’s possible. I didn’t get hit with any this time. Hilariously, I could drive to the Hello Waffle shipping address in about the same amount of time I could fly to Shiro Cosmetics. If I ever find myself heading up the Ottawa way, I will probably place a giant order and see if I can meet up with Hello Waffle at a Tim Horton’s for a shipping-free exchange. This is not a joke at the expense of Canadians, Tim Horton’s is a really delicious place.

You can keep your “bacon” though. That shit’s weird.


I was really impressed with everything I received, which was a lot of eyeshadows and two blushes. I don’t normally wear blush but I wanted to try some of the colors, and they were included in the blogger pack I ordered. The word I want to use to describe the colors is “plush.” I felt like some of the lighter colors didn’t  have as much payoff as I wanted, but will still make nice highlight/inner corner colors. It’s also worth noting that I’ve swatched them all but haven’t tried many for their intended purpose as an eyeshadow, so my opinion could change.

And now, some mediocre pictures of the swatches!

Belly, Enabling, They Are Coming

Belly, Enabling, They Are Coming

Corgi Butts, Rule 42, Whale Hello There, Timeline

Corgi Butts, Rule 42, Whale Hello There, Timeline

Vivaldi, Asterisk, Imam, Heavy Breathing Cat, Ethereal Voice, Empty Wallets

Vivaldi, Asterisk, Imam, Heavy Breathing Cat, Ethereal Voice, Empty Wallets

Animate Chess Piece, Magic Mirror, Rapunzel,  Snow Bees Eternity

Animate Chess Piece, Magic Mirror, Rapunzel, Snow Bees Eternity

(Bottom Two) Chinese Puzzle, Moonlit Grin

(Bottom Two) Chinese Puzzle, Moonlit Grin

So as you can see, I got A LOT of shadows and tried to get at least one from every collection. I’m so pleased with what I received for shadows, they’re all lovely. And Hello Waffle makes a great dark blue. Not that I need anymore dark blues but really.

Now the blushes:



Peach Dreams

Peach Dreams

Belle is very pale and shimmery. I think that makes it a pretty versatile blush that would be flattering for most skin tones. I was worried when I swatched Peach Dreams that it would be a little two orange for my pasty, pasty complexion but it blended out nice on my cheeks and just made them look a little more flushed. I probably wouldn’t order more blushes simply because they aren’t something that factors very frequently into my makeup routine, but if you’re on the hunt for a good indie blush I can suggest Hello Waffle.

So there, I have finally given my thoughts on Hello Waffle. A great indie makeup company with the cutest packaging I’ve seen in the business.20141027_171517



I need a better blog picture, more hours in the day, and fewer commitments. I’m halfway through the term though, and then I think there’s a break before the 2nd one, which would be super-duper.

I’m doing a 5-mile obstacle course on Sunday. If I’m never heard from again, I died. I’ll try to publish my Hello Waffle review before then so no one is disappointed.

Going Beyond the Go To

If I reblog this, will I remember to come back and consult it?

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

As I’ve mentioned before, I usually make a menu for the whole week, grocery shop for all that I need and then cruise through cooking the whole week. I am great at selecting new and interesting main dishes for our meals. So much so that I often forget about sides. Some meals either don’t require one or lend themselves to an easy one (stir fry + rice). Others, like a roasted pork loin, are just so open to anything.

When I really get ambitious, I look for recipes for different side dishes to make. My standard “go to” is to steam some vegetables and add a quick starch (potatoes, rice, stuffing, noodles). Yes, you can tell I am in the midwest….

Pepper-Roasted Cauliflower

Photo Feb 25, 5 35 36 PM - Featured Size

This side was easy and had some good flavor over just standard steamed cauliflower.

Photo Feb 25, 4 54 07 PM

Ingredients I already had (except for the cauliflower).

Photo Feb 25, 4 56 27 PM

Mix up the flavors and…

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The Canker Sore

I know, I know. The Hello Waffle review was supposed to be today. I have the swatches done and everything! I’ve been busy with grad school, still riding the high from Sunday [this space left intentionally blank so you can all snicker and make Placebo/drug jokes].

I’ve been overwhelmed in a lot of ways lately. This week I got my first canker sore in months, maybe even over a year. I used to get them monthly but they’ve tapered off since college. My grandmother used to ask me about them regularly. She was always trying to find a solution, always checking in on them. We never found a solution and I always hated being asked about them, it was kind of an “I’ll tell you when I have one” deal.

I can’t tell my grandmother that I have one right now.

“The interesting thing about grief, I think, is that it is its own size. It is not the size of you. It is its own size. And grief comes to you. You know what I mean? I’ve always liked that phrase “He was visited by grief,” because that’s really what it is. Grief is its own thing. It’s not like it’s in me and I’m going to deal with it. It’s a thing, and you have to be okay with its presence. If you try to ignore it, it will be like a wolf at your door.” -Stephen Colbert

Grief is waking up with a canker sore and realizing that no matter how annoying it was, no one will ask you about them again.

Grief is not having anyone send you a Halloween card.

Grief is them not knowing that you got into grad school, it’s not having anyone to call when you feel overwhelmed.

Grief is being fine in one moment and then suddenly you remember that you don’t have grandparents anymore and your world comes tumbling down again.

It is the inability to delete a phone number.

To me, my grief is the size of an ocean, and I am the tiniest boat in it. Sometimes the sea is calm and I am accepting of my presence in it. Sometimes it is tumultuous and I’m afraid of drowning.

Sometimes I cry because there is no one to ask me about my mouth.

The Moth and the Flame

It was a silly oversight that I didn’t mention this in my last post, but the opening band (The Moth and the Flame) were also really good. I was completely unfamiliar with their work and have a harder time getting into live music when I’m not familiar with it, but they were a great opening act and they intrigued me enough that I’m going to check them out in the real world.

I’m also really pleased all the Spotify embeds worked, I was afraid that last post would be a formatting nightmare

Fill the Cavity, Your God-Shaped Hole Tonight*

Ah Tuesday. I hope everyone had a great Indigenous Peoples Day/Columbus Day/Call it Whatever Just Give Me the Time Off Day! On Thursday I should have a review of the stuff I got from Hello Waffle. I’ve been lazy/busy and haven’t even had the chance to swatch them yet. Grad school is taking it’s toll and all that jazz. Plus the in-laws were here over the weekend. They are really great people, they also drive me a little batty. Less batty than my own parents do, fortunately.

Sunday night is what I really want to talk about though. Through a kind, wonderful friend I managed to get a ticket to the sold out Placebo show in Boston. Placebo is one of my all-time favorite bands. I was lucky enough to see their set when they played on the Projekt Revolution tour back in 2007/2008 (I can’t remember). There set was phenomenal then and I’ve been trying for years to see them live again. I came close twice only to have the shows canceled. It was heartbreaking.

When I was in the midst of that abusive relationship I sometimes mention, Placebo was The Band that I went to, the one I really connected with on that deep, soulful level.That’s… not exactly a good thing, but it was a thing. If I had received monetary compensation every time I drove around in my Corolla sobbing to ‘Every You Every Me’ I would have a life savings right now, and that is less of an exaggeration than you probably want it to be.

And then, in 2009 they released Battle for the Sun, which a lot of people didn’t like, but as I moved on from that shitty part of my life, Placebo came with me.

I clearly still love them. There is always a Placebo cd in my car. I don’t feel that same “I am living this life” connection that I once did (and thank god for that) but fuck, they are still a phenomenal band.

And seeing them headline was probably the highlight of this very, very tough year. After my grandmother died, Kings of Medicine was the only song I would listen to for weeks. It’s not entirely appropriate, but nothing else really seemed to get it.

Don’t leave me here to pass through time/without a map or road sign/ don’t leave me here my guiding light/ cuz I, I wouldn’t know where to begin

Live music in general is the closest I ever seem to come to have a religious experience. Being in that room sweating and screaming wit a bunch of stranger there to feel that same energy that you are? It sounds so cliche but it’s magical. And there is this band that is on stage and they have gotten people through some serious shit. Maybe not all of us, but I am sure I am not alone, that I am not the only one who screamed “see you at the bitter end” to a specific individual.

And this band up there? They don’t know. I mean, they know on a basic level. But do they know?

From up on the balcony I had a great view of Steve the Drummer, and the stagehand behind Steve, who looked pretty miserable sitting there making sure the mic didn’t swing down and whack the drummer in the face. As their final song ended (with no need for drums), Steve left his drum kit and got down and talked to this guy. No, he bro-ed out with this guy. I’m no body language expert but what I saw was a rockstar being genuinely gracious to, interested in, and thankful for a supporting player on their tour. And that man? He had looked painfully bored the entire show but he lit up during this heart to heart. Seeing that overwhelmed the music for me, it gave me the warmest, fuzziest feeling to go along with the tinnitus I usually get at these shows.

The setlist was INCREDIBLE (I did NOT expect to hear Post Blue. Or One of a Kind. Or Infra-Red. Or Song to Say Goodbye, or…**). They played all the songs I really liked off the new album. They played Special K. This is a band with a huge extensive discography and the only thing that could have truly satisfied my raging fangirl would be if they played it all and that is just an inhuman request. Human limitations considered, they did fucking great and I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

Now all I need to do is see The Kills and I’ll have completed my concert bucket-list.

But Placebo is welcome to be in my proximity at any time.


**tl;dr: The only thing from Meds I expected to hear was Running Up That Hill.

Irreverent Reviews: Aromaleigh’s Fall and Halloween Collections (featuring my cat’s helpful butt.)

In the not so distant past Aromaleigh put out a call on their Facebook page: would any bloggers like some free sample of the fall Dryades collection and the Halloween Diavoli collections to review and photograph?

Obviously I passed that offer up because I am fully aware of the quality of my photography skills and have no desire to take advantage of one of my favorite companies. I DID go ahead and buy full sample sets of both collections plus the Autism Acceptance color “Neurodivergent.”

So this post will include my swatches and thoughts BUT ALSO a collection of links to other bloggers’ reviews. Aromaleigh describes both of these sets as having strong shifts and duochromes, and they’re right. With my cellphone camera and one base type I just can’t do justice to the complexity of the colors. With the crappy lighting in my apartment I can’t see the complexities in some of the colors myself! It will also include a lot of pictures of my cat, who hopped up on the bed to “help” right in the middle of all this. My cat has a complicated relationship with eyeshadow. She loves to lick it off my eyelids. I take several issues with that. She gets mad when I don’t let her eat it. I get mad when she tries to eat it. She also has to sniff and rub her face on EVERYTHING. Every sample bag I picked up was inspected thoroughly by Her Majesty before it was swatched. Here’s our fearless helper sniffing my makeup brush:

Immediately after I took this picture she deep-throated the brush and there was some yelling. It did not deter her.

Immediately after I took this picture she deep-throated the brush and there was some yelling. It did not deter her.

Let’s start with Autism Acceptance color “Neurodivergent,” which is the second of two Autism Acceptance colors, the first being “#lovenotfear.” Kristen Leigh Bell, the genius behind Aromaleigh, was diagnosed with Autism later in her life so the cause is very close the her. I am personally not Autistic but my brother displays a lot of the signs that he might be. He is absolutely not neurotypical and varies a lot from the “typical” Down’s kid. The right choice for my family has been to not seek further diagnosis under the logic of “what’s one more label?” It’s a luxury we have because his needs are already being adequately met. My brother’s personal history and his participation in Special Olympics (filled with all kinds of neurodivergent athletes, Autistic and beyond) means that Autism Acceptance is something important to me in more of a fringe way, but important nonetheless. There are many harmful stereotypes about the behaviors that come with Autism, and there’s a lack of knowledge about the full spectrum (most people I encounter seem to believe there is hard, non-functioning Autism and light, socially inept Aspergers, which is a gross under-representation of the spectrum’s diversity). 50% of the proceeds from #lovenotfear go to the Golden Hat Foundation and 50% Neurodivergent go to the Autism Women’s Network. Hopefully it is obvious that I think both are good causes but what really drew me to the Neurodivergent color was the fact that it looked like a dupe for the BareMinerals color I posted about here. It isn’t, but it’s close. Mirage is browner than Neurodivergent, and I think Neurodivergent is actually MORE iridescent. Mirage has been my go to crease color for months, I can see replacing it with Neurodivergent. Though I only got a sample this time, I placed another order (to get the Pure Eyes Matte collection at its Monday sale price and the Ever in Your Favor* collection before it’s gone) and included a full size of it, because I love it that much. That and you know, good cause!

Neurodivergent (left) next to BareMinerals

Neurodivergent (left) next to BareMinerals.

A close up

A close up

Fitting with the Greek mythology theme established in this summer’s Okeanides collection, the fall collection is Dryades, inspired by forest nymphs. Every color in this collection looks like a dead leaf, and that’s a good thing. It really is the perfect fall collection.

Gaasynietha (from the serpens collection that I never swatched) and Byblis

Gaasynietha (from the serpens collection that I never swatched) and Byblis

From Top: Daphnis, Dryope, Ekho, Heliades

From Top: Daphnis, Dryope, Ekho, Heliades

Kraneia, Kyllene, Othreis, Pitys

Hesperides, Kraneia, Kyllene, Othreis, Pitys

The Halloween collection, Diavoli, is inspired by the devils in Dante’s Inferno. I bought ratty old copies of the Divine Comedy at a book sale when I was in like, 7th grade. And then I read them all. Inferno is the very best of the set in my opinion. I loved the descriptions of all the layers of hell (The City of Dis is my favorite, in case anyone cared). These colors are incredibly shifty and while I think they look good in the swatches that I got, they aren’t at their best. These are incredible, dynamic shadows and I just don’t have the tools or skills to do them justice. But if you want to see what they look like on a bad day…

Scarmiglione, Rubicante, Malebrance, Malacoda, Libicocco,

Scarmiglione, Rubicante, Malebrance, Malacoda, Libicocco

Grafficane, Farfarello, Draghignazzo, Ciriatto, Calcabrina, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, Alichino

Grafficane, Farfarello, Draghignazzo, Ciriatto, Calcabrina, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, Alichino

They look very neutral in the photos I got, and really they aren’t. Be sure to check out the links to other swatch bloggers below for fancier pictures.

I also got some samples! Gaasyndietha was one of the samples and you can see that swatched above. Here are the others:

(BM and Neurodivergent at the top)  Qilin, Elisabetta, Isadora

(BM and Neurodivergent at the top) Qilin, Elisabetta, Isadora

Qilin is part of the new Color of the Month program, which will feature a different Mythical Monster from September to September (October’s color is Cthulu!). Elisabetta is from the Chiara collection (and very close to my personal favorite variant on “Elizabeth) and Isadora is from the Pure Eyes Lustre collection. Both collections have been discontinued but can still be purchased at the old site (now clearance only).

I also got a full size of Hellebore, my favorite color ever, for helping them work out some kinks in the new site. Swatches of Hellebore can be seen in my first post.

Now, actually useful links:

Aromaleigh’s round up post of different Diavoli swatches and looks

Teacup Joy on Dryades

Blix the Moon Maiden on Dryades

Bonus cat picture: 20140924_213602

*When that arrives I will have complete sample sets of all the limited edition collections.