Irreverent Reviews: ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ Collection by CandiiBlossom Cosmetics

Is it common knowledge that Mean Girls is my favorite movie? I know, I’m one of a billion. I have a work out shirt that says “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” and “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries” is basically my life motto.

I almost wrote CandiiBlossom Cosmetics off entirely based on their ever-so-cutesy name, but they are the only folks I’m aware of making a Mean Girls themed shadow collection (plus they’re based in my second favorite state!). Even if I knew of ten other companies making one… I’d still have nabbed this set* because I just can’t get enough. As a bonus, it’s good eyeshadow!

Appropriately, the collection is four different shades of pink, “Cool Mom,” “Get in Loser,” “The Rules of Feminism,” and “Life Ruiner.”

20140913_181311Using my extremely unscientific language, I would declare these all to be “neutral pinks” in that they would blend well when used together but also complement just about any other color nicely. There’s a nice shimmer to each color but they are not glitter bombs. They swatch on really lightly, but are buildable, and I honestly think their “lightness” makes them that much more versatile. I love pink, but it’s a hard color to get in an eyeshadow. They’re classy pinks.


Flash From top to bottom: “Cool Mom,” “Get in Loser,” “The Rules of Feminism,” and “Life Ruiner.”

No flash

No flash

They were almost impossible to photograph in my apartment with my camera phone, though.

These are the perfect, fun colors to represent Mean Girls and I love how versatile they are! A definite must for any fan. Perfect for Wednesday wear while eating your consolation cheese fries (since you can’t have Taco Bell, you’re on an all carb diet) with your cool mom. They may not have the weight loss power of a caltene bar, but they’ll make you look like you lost 3lbs, just in time for the spring dance. Now if only there were a color called “Glen Coco…”


So a general disclaimer for when I work with jars with sifters (all jars with sifters, not just CandiiBlossom’s)… I have a really hard time getting shadow out of them initially. Holding them upside down, shaking them… after they spend two days in my makeup bag it’s all out there, but that initial try everything always feels stuck. That means I had a really hard time picking up shadow, NOT because of the formula of the shadows, but because of my incompetence. This will be a running theme in all the swatches you see in upcoming review posts.

*I cannot find a direct link to this collection on the CandiiBlossom etsy page as of publishing this, so I assume it is out of stock. I will update if I notice it has returned.


2 thoughts on “Irreverent Reviews: ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ Collection by CandiiBlossom Cosmetics

  1. earth2bellas says:

    Ha! I’ve missed you. Still on the market for a good pink myself so I’ll check em out thanks!

    Also…I’ve always thought that Mean Girls was cinematic perfection myself. So underrated.

  2. […] bag but really is more of a light pinky purple. This would actually fit right in with the “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” […]

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