Knowledge is Power, and Power is a Carcinogen

What does it say about me and the world we live in when I hear about carcinogens being found in everyday products and I just shrug? This article, about triclosan in Colgate toothpaste, suggests that it has been linked to cancer. There’s been an appropriate amount of Facebook outrage surrounding this and people are vowing to make switches they will probably never make.

Look, I’m a cynic who isn’t all that high on life to begin with. I don’t know if triclosan is a carcinogen the way asbestos is, but I know that fracking is poisoning my groundwater, that there’s a ton of crap floating through the air, that driving to work in Massachusetts is an extreme sport, and that anthrax and Ebola are both natural. Is my toothpaste a carcinogen? I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t.

That said, some people have more fucks than me,  and for those people (or for people with allergies to certain ingredients and whatnot) we have Skin Deep, a site that will judge your beauty products for you! Even if you’re like me and just don’t care about poisoning yourself slowly, it is still interesting to see how your favorite products rate. I will say that many of mine are rated as potential irritants, and I’m not sure if that’s an actual criticism, or if everything has to be rated as such given that everything has the potential to be irritating to someone. If I was having irritation problems with, say, St. Ives, I would not use it. But I don’t.

Hopefully someone is able to find this helpful, because knowledge is power, but Skin Deep doesn’t have a health rating for either of those things.


4 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power, and Power is a Carcinogen

  1. SarahMusic says:

    This is highly ironic because I am currently sitting here inventing a blog that offers suggestions for non-poisonous cosmetics.

    I am with you 100% though. Knowledge is power…the power to do whatever you want, including wear whatever makeup, use whatever shampoo, and brush your teeth with whatever you want.

    • I can definitely admit that I am Part of the Problem, with my apathy. I just feel so over saturated with Things I’m S’posed to Care About.

      There’s a scene in ‘The Simpsons’ where Marge tells Homer “This is the worst thing you’ve ever done!” and he responds with “You say that so much, it’s lost all meaning.” That’s how I feel when words like “natural” “healthy” and “carcinogen” are used when talking about my food and beauty products. I’ve reached a point where I feel like these buzzwords have more to do with marketing than they actually do with my life and health.

      • SarahMusic says:

        Actually this blog entry of yours made me kind of change the spin on my blog, which is awesome. I think my point is kind of to make other people aware of what I’ve learned through research so that other people don’t have to do hours of research to find out the truth about products, which they should have been told all along. Then they can still decide whether or not they want to use them!

      • Awesome! Glad I could accidentally help!

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