Very Pinteresting: Pumpkin Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread

Yum. This ends up being like… pumpkin cinnamon roll in bread form. And this recipe I followed almost exactly to the letter!

The difficulty came up when rolling out the dough. I don’t really have a large enough or adequate enough space to work in, and couldn’t get it to roll into a nice rectangle, so some of my pieces where shorter than the others. I ultimately don’t care that I failed at making it “Pull apart” because it is just so delicious! I saw one version that used rum in the glaze, which I would have tried if we had any rum. Next time!

I worked in a commercial bakery for almost two years, and while I wasn’t a bakery, I definitely missed that industrial equipment! It would have been so nice to have a sheeter and a proof box (and a boos block!) when making this bread. Also, in the pictures the “pull apart” consistency looks like it was more of a chop bread style instead of a slice and stack style. But what do I know? I suppose this could be braided challah style as well.

I have so many pumpkin recipes pinned, I plan to work through them all (we shall see!). This recipe was a great first start (and makes me so glad I bought yeast on a whim a month ago!)20140907_17512320140907_175035

And you know? I know I’m not the best photographer (sometimes to my determent) but in cases like this I want to make sure my finished product looks “real” because I’m creating things at home in my cramped kitchen with none of the fancy tricks food photographers use. I’m sure a very skilled baker could get a more “picture perfect” bread, but this is what baking looks like (and why I decided to skip culinary school, I’m not aesthetically oriented enough)


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