This is Not a Tutorial: Pressing Your Own Eyeshadow Palette.

(I want to get this up and posted! Unfortunately I keep forgetting to write down what shadows I used (I have them set aside) and don’t want to wait until like, 6pm to put this up so expect a latter edit. I can say that with the exception of “Sweet Honey” by Shiro, the rest are Aromaleigh, mostly the Pure Eyes Lustre line. I didn’t try pressing any Glamour Doll Eyes because I’m content with them being in their little jars)

(ALSO: Alchimia Apothecary is having a sale to finance surgery for their doggy! You can also purchase the scent (not mine) that won the contest I discussed in this post)

I have a lot of little eyeshadow baggies just hanging out in my makeup bag. I makes finding what I want tricky and they take up a fair amount of space. I received an Ebay giftcard through Influenster and decided I’d buy a cheap palette and attempt pressing my own shadows. I was too cheap to spring for a magnetic palette, so I got one with regular tins and used glue dots to affix them to the tray at the end. Here’s how this all went down:

I mostly followed this tutorial over at Etherealize Me, or at least, I started to. I did all this on the floor while drinking (Saranac Pumpkin) and watching The World’s End (good until then end, then meh). Then I dropped my alcohol pipette into the rubbing alcohol and yeah. Downhill from there (At least that happened towards the end).

So I prepped my work space by covering the area with some circulars (I also put on clothes I didn’t mind getting shimmery). I was unable to find vegetable glycerin in the two places I looked so I subbed in mineral oil after a brief internet search confirmed that maybe that was ok. I got two eyedroppers (henceforth known as “pipettes” because it sound smarter) and some 90% rubbing alcohol. Pus my glue dots and lots of paper towels.

20140906_204017I only attempted to press shadows that I had at least duplicates of, so that if I fucked up I wouldn’t be out of a color.

I wiped the tins out with rubbing alcohol, tried adding more in while I wrangled the baggie (it usually evaporated) and dumped the baggie into the tin. I didn’t use a scoop, just some carefully aimed dumping. Then I added more rubbing alcohol and a drop mineral oil and stirred everything up with a bobby pin (like a classy lady). Typically, that made it look like this:

Shiro's Sweet Honey

Shiro’s Sweet Honey

I repeated this process for all the shadows until my pipette slip on the last row of shadows, which meant I had to switch to the mineral oil pipette for both liquids. The cross-contamination meant the last few shadows got wonky amounts. In Etherealize Me’s tutorial she mentions not using shadows with ferric ferocide because they did not turn out well… that was an ingredient ll the (Aromaleigh) shadows I used in that last row because I did have the duplicates and wanted to see if the mineral oil worked better than the glycerin. It seems to have made for an OK shadow (even if it looks kinda ugly) and hasn’t hampered its usability.


Guess where things went wrong

Guess where things went wrong

The pans felt fairly empty after one bag, and pressing them down with the quarter and some fabric (*coughpapertowelcough*) didn’t seem to do much of anything.

This is not the nicest looking self-pressed palette I’ve seen but honestly? Function over form. I succeeded in that this works. I ordered the Z-Palette from Sephora (for the points + other stuff!) and plan to try this with some of my other shadows to make my collection more manageable. Hopefully I’ll get my technique perfected!

It looks great from a distance!

It looks great from a distance!


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