Very Pinteresting: Personal Naan Pizzas

20140905_175305This barely counts as following a recipe. I took inspiration from this recipe for Naan Pizzas and this one for Flatbread. We picked up a two pack of naan at Wegmans, froze it til we were ready to use, and then we crafted our own pizzas. While both have a 6 cheese mix (thanks, Sargento!), pepperoni, and olives, he used Alfredo sauce on his and I just poured some olive oil over mine. We tried to use these as a full meal and they were a little small, but they were incredibly delicious. It’s great because you can literally make these however you want. We used garlic naan for extra flavor.

Using store bought naan (pita bread would probably work as well) is handy because you don’t have to deal with dough prep, but I think that overall these were enjoyable enough to make me want to try to make actual pizzas for the two of us.


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