Very Pinteresting: Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic and Thyme

It’s too early to tell, but the theme of these posts may turn out to be: I find a recipe and then tweak it until it is a mere shell of itself! I suppose I did follow this recipe pretty closely, but I deviated in some noticeable ways.

The first challenge I had with this recipe was that when I pulled my mushrooms from the refrigerator they were frozen. Nothing else in our fridge is frozen, so I don’t know why the mushrooms were. It didn’t seem to affect the finished product, but it made some of my mushrooms a little browner before I even got started. Second Challenger was the realization that I don’t have  a mushroom brush (I thought my mother had given me one), so I had some difficulties getting my mushrooms clean. I was also missing lemon juice and straight thyme (let alone fresh thyme). The recipe also called for mushrooms of about the same size, I just used all the ones in the pack I bought, variances be damned! Still, everything turned out delicious.

I cut the stems level on my mushrooms then fried them in olive oil. Make sure you push them around a little every now so they don’t stick. I actively fried them for about two minutes and then turned off the burner but left them sitting there in the oil, where they sizzled away while I mixed up the filling. This didn’t burn them or anything, and made me feel a little better about the internal temperature of the frozen ones.

I though I had a jar of thyme when I started on this recipe (which calls for fresh thyme but I knew I didn’t have that). I didn’t. What I did have was an “Italian Spice Mix” which included thyme, basil, oregano, garlic, rosemary, and marjoram. I also threw in some fresh dill because it’s my favorite. I DID dice up a clove of garlic (recipe calls for two but this was a big clove) but left out the extra garlic it calls for because there was some in the spice mix. Whipped that up with the butter, dolloped it on, and then pressed in the bread crumbs. I lined my baking dish with my bff tinfoil which is could because by the time I was finished the mushrooms were swimming in a butter sauce, but I was able to make a little tinfoil butter boat and save some congealing on my pan.

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

These mushrooms were delicious and Manbeast and I both loved them. Were I to make them again I would make it a point to get fresh herbs, because the dried ones stayed a little bit chewy in the butter sauce. I believe the lemon juice was just for preservation purposes, they came out a bit wrinkled and brown after baking, but we certainly didn’t care. So far, I think this is the biggest Pinterest success I’ve had, and would definitely make this recipe again.


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