Little Topiaries

“There’s a sale, so I have to buy stuff quick.”

“We have no money.”

“It’s for the blog, I won’t receive the payoff if I don’t put in the time!”


“My blog is my topiary, I must tend to it!”


After the long weekend I don’t really have much to say. Plenty thing are upcoming but in the meantime… with all my weekend travel I don’t even have a real linkspam!

  • I’ve been using Duolingo to study Portuguese. It’s been a lot of fun and I am actually getting something out of it. They offer multiple languages (such as German, French, Spanish…) and they are working on developing a program for Russian, which I really can’t wait for!
  • Forbes drops the mic on the JLaw “scandal”
  • Forthcoming reviews of Hello Waffle, Notoriously Morbid, and Indie Craft Sampler (tending the topiary! Totally business expenses)
  • A friend and I are going to start work on a comprehensive list of themes and fandoms in indie makeup! I’ll be keeping you updated on our progress. Ideally we’ll have it done by the new year, but I’m not setting any deadlines.
  • Should hopefully have a new Pinteresting post for tomorrow! We’ll see if I cook tonight or just graze from all the Labor Day Leftovers.

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