Manbeast walks in one me in the bathroom, wearing jeans and a pink bathrobe, bent over the sink practically pressing my face against the mirror.

“Are you… are you putting copper leaf on your eyelids?”

“Oh it’s eyeshadow.”

“Oh… wow, that’s a lot more glitter than I’d ever want near my eyes.”

“I don’t think it’s really glitter. Something something FDA… I think.”

“Okay… so when you scratch your cornea… um, so, you’re using the wrong brush for that…”

A few weeks ago a couple of friends and I shared some wine and food at the Cheesecake Factory and then went shopping in the mall, where I dropped some cash on an item I’ve coveted since seeing it featured on Brightest Bulb in the Box: Stila’s Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Kitten, which I’d describe as maybe a light rose gold. The line carries some very bright, bold colors, but I wanted to try out something more subdued to see how it works and how I like it. Every color in the line basically makes me think “Christmas Party.” Seriously, I imagine these colors as the perfect look to pair with a velvet dress and some mulled wine.

But anyway, I tried it out the night we had a bowling/dinner double date with one of the friends I’ve had since preschool. But I tried it out midday to see how it lasted and looked and all that.

So, included in the $32 price tag is a little mixing tin, a liquid “stay all day” primer, and the moussey eyeshadow. Seriously, go to a Sephora, find the display, and poke at it. So bouncy!


One thing many reviews said, and I am displeased about, is the amount of primer that came in my kit. It was less than half full (about where the first line of text below “Stila” in the photo), and it looked like it had leaked. Not cool. I did get a drop in the pan and with a pair of tweezers I broke by dropping them on a tile floor. It mixed up well and then I tried to pick it up with a stiff-bristled, angled brush (because I do not own the specially recommended application brush). I eventually managed to scoop some up and pat it on, that’s about when Manbeast waked in and the above exchange happened (give a man an art degree and he thinks he can leaf your eyelids).


I did the left eye with my finger and that was easier and quicker. Afterwards there was glitter and eyeshadow smudged everywhere but I went over the problem areas with some makeup remover and it cleaned up very nicely.

20140823_134623Glitter. Glitter everywhere. This is definitely a “foundation second” makeup

Overall Impression: While I’m displeased with the measly amount of primer given, I don’t dislike the shadow overall. It is a lot of effort to apply but I do like the foiled look and I’m willing to perfect my technique. Still, it’s a hefty price tag, and if I’d known at the beginning of the month how bad things would be by the end… there’s almost no way to justify the expense.


This expense on the other hand:


I ALSO went ahead and used my sale day with BareMinerals to get The Vision duo with that exquisite Mirage color (and get a sample of their liquid foundation). It’s incredibly iridescent and beautiful, but I cannot get my phone to focus well enough to get a picture that even begins to cover how cool this color is. The seafoam green with it is a nice color, both apply and blend beautifully. It’s just not anywhere near as special a color as Mirage.

20140821_19545820140821_19560320140821_195739Super excited to play around with this though! I have high hopes for such a unique color (even if it looks like a bruise when swatched)


3 thoughts on “I DID THE THING

  1. earth2bellas says:

    That’s taupe! And it is an awesome color to go with rose gold. My go to combo actually. We must have similar skin tones or something. I really enjoy your reviews btw. Let me know if you ever see a good charcoal gray eyeliner!

  2. […] that I haven’t tried it with any of the Darling Girl shadows yet, but I DID use it with that Stila shadow I talked about before. It was messier to apply by far but I think it increased the lasting power of […]

  3. […] color was the fact that it looked like a dupe for the BareMinerals color I posted about here. It isn’t, but it’s close. Mirage is browner than Neurodivergent, and I think […]

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