Speedy Roundup

I have another post almost prepped to post, so that may come later today (or I may stretch my “one post per weekday” rule and stretch it out til tomorrow like the sneaky person I am). I have some BIG NEWS that I want to announce though, and figured I’d throw in some other stuff I’ve found:

  • I was accepted into an online MLIS program! I am excite! If I chose to accept my acceptance (which I probably will) then I will return to graduate school in September, hopefully with more success than last time around. Because it is an online program I will be able to keep my current job (which is helping me pay for it!) and also avoid moving for the fourth time in  8 months. Both things are super pros. I do wonder how I will balance full-time work with being a part-time student with having an outside life, but we’ll see!

supernatural gif from goodreads

  • Someone has to wear a pretty skirt. That’s why God made girls. And drag queens. Someone also has to throw up at screechy, saccharine country songs about gender essentialism, and that’s why I was biologically designed with a gag reflex.
  • Was recruited by BFF to help her hash out an idea for her to work on during NaNo, which is super flattering. It was also another pile-on to the heaps of flattery I’ve received this week. My face might be permanently bright red now. I’m a cave troll, folks, not an inspiration! (I’m glad people like me though, really!)
  • Whoever the hell Mike Ditka is, we agree that the debate over the Red Skins’ team name is “so stupid it’s appalling.” Of course, he thinks that because he’s a racist dingleberry, and I think it should have been changed years ago because I strive to meet the base level of ‘decent human being.’
  • One of the Duggar Girls is pregnant. I go a little bug-eyed whenever I think about the Duggars in general, but my comment now is not about them, but the comments I’ve seen by other people. Folks, let’s clear this up: There are a lot of reasons why a woman may not want to announce her pregnancy soon after it happens, it’s true that statistically you are at your biggest risk of marriage in your first trimester. It’s also true that you can’t say “I’m going to have an alive baby!” until after you’ve effectively squeezed that sucker out at the end of your pregnancy, because unfortunately there is no magic safety number, just better odds. Jill is not “wrong” to have announced her pregnancy so early because there’s no such thing as a “right” time. Just a “whenever you’re ready” time (which could be as soon as your pee stick dries or absolutely never). There was a great discussion thread on this but I can’t remember if it was APW or Captain Awkward and I can’t find it. Maybe if we didn’t tell women that keeping their pregnancies quiet was “right”, miscarriage would be a less lonely, taboo subject?
  • And to round everything off: Did I mention I got into grad school? =)

2 thoughts on “Speedy Roundup

  1. earth2bellas says:

    Ahaha…awesome. And Congrats!!

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