• I want to try this out but $27 is just a totally reasonable price that I don’t have =( Hopefully I’ll be able to swing October’s box. I just really like the idea of subscription boxes in general. Woo surprises!
  • It was great having family visit this weekend. It was not so great when we came home to a bat in the apartment and my rural New Yorkers lost their noodles. Guys, you get coyotes in your back yard, you don’t call animal control for a bat, you open the window and wave goodbye. 
  • Also over the weekend I roasted a chicken in the crock pot. I love crock pot cooking. This chicken came out super delicious and really did taste like a rotisserie chicken. We just used a spice rub from one of Manbeast’s favorite NYS restaurants and it was perfection. I also felt like a grownup because LEFTOVERS but I don’t have a pot big enough to make soup stock (or to store soup stock) and when I tried to make dinner last night I realized I was missing a key ingredient. At least everything is just ready to go into the over today, whereas last night I got my domestic goddess on by imbibing some cheap wine and making a frozen pizza.
  • Trying to get in the habit of using HabitRPG, it’s a phone app that lets you reward your own good beahviors. I’m still trying to figure out how best to work it for me, but hopefully it’s enough incentive for me to get into some good habits to begin with, like folding laundry and writing daily.
  • Since we moved back east in January we’ve had about two free weekends. As an extremely introverted person, this makes me feel like I am slowly killing myself. It doesn’t help that my mom tries to insert herself into my every free moment no matter how kindly I try to explain things or firm I try to be. Moving to be within an hour of them was a huge mistake (I just keep telling myself how much I love this job… because I do… but ugh.). It’s not looking like this social parade is going to slow up much until the New Year, if I make it that long without combusting.
  • I am getting excited for National Novel Writing Month, and also taking Manbeast to Salem in October (the best time of year to go!)
  • Working on an exhibit for work about early missionaries. Indisputably it’s an important part of American history, worth having an exhibit on, but I’m feeling kind of yucky about the presentation of the whole thing, and starting to have a sneaking suspicion that I’m the only one not siding with these early missionaries…
  • It seems fall is here! Usually August has some really hot days, but the forecast seems consistently cool. After a long winter, non-existent spring, and barely bearable summer, I hope we have a long beautiful fall. 
  • I’m following the Pumpkin Spice Latte on twitter, because I am a parody of a real person

One thought on “Tidbits

  1. earth2bellas says:

    Haha! Love this. And I totally sympathize with every word of it. Also my stuff is in the Indie sept box (: She’s a great person too,super professional (and looking for media) so there’s that (:

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