Roundup: Some math and some sales

Robyn over at Brightest Bulb in the Box has a mathematical breakdown of indie eyeshadows as compared to their brand-name counterparts. She looks at palettes instead of individuals and in that particular study it looks like the indies don’t come out too far ahead of their available-at-Sephora counterparts. Hopefully she looks at individual shadow prices in the nearish future, but I can’t blame her if she doesn’t want to math again. I tried to figure out the price per ounce of my loose BareMinerals shadows to run my own comparison and stopped when I realized I can’t math.

My high horse seems to be more of a pony, but I still feel good supporting small business, frequently supporting woman-owned businesses and I love the color selections. Personally I still think I end up spending less on indie shadows because I’m such a sale stalker (applicable to Sephora too) but also because I end up with less waste. It takes me forever to use up an eyeshadow and in buying (usually) samples I end up with less partially-used product floating around wondering if it will ever be used up.

Hello Waffle has a birthday coming up soon, and is planning a  surprise for us, but in the meantime is offering customers the chance to buy some older products with their prices locked in and use the code HOLDMYORDER to delay shipment so you can make a second order during the sale and then have everything shipped out at once (and only pay once for that shipping!). I haven’t tried Hello Waffle yet, but I’m looking forward to getting my Blogger Pack and maybe some fancy new things! They have a color called “Corgi Butts” so really, they must have good product!

Aromaleigh has the very magnificent “This is My Design” collection at 25% off for their weekly sale. I can’t remember if I already own that one or if I’ve been waiting for it, but now’s the time to buy!


3 thoughts on “Roundup: Some math and some sales

  1. thebluepiano says:

    Haha…I can math either. Forget maths…do the indie makeupers still sell cream shadow by any chance?

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