Shadow Lust

The other day I had to go out of town for a dinner date. It was ill-planned in it’s location (having been rescheduled) but I was of course willing to go out of my way to see a college friend who lives overseas. Manbeast and I got an early start, both for traffic and navigation concerns and also for the opportunity to spend some time in the ginormous mall. This is one of those malls that has a Sephora, a MAC, a Lush, and a Bare Minerals all as stand alone stores, and that’s not counting the number of stores specializing in soap, perfume, and hair products (lush could possibly be counted as such), nor does it count kiosks in stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom (or the beauty counters that already  exist in those stores). I was clearly just in this mall for fun, not cuz I could afford to buy anything.

I was able to make a (quick and easy) product return to Sephora and also poke around all the other stores. I went into Bare Minerals to check out their foundations, but they didn’t have my match in  stock so I just ended up wandering. Bare Minerals was the first loose shadow that I ever bought and I do love it, however I’ve been working on making my shadow collection Indie Only (through the act of using up the other stuff I have). I’ve also never really paid much attention to the pressed shadows offered by Bare Minerals. They didn’t really excite me. Until I poked at this one. The product is their READY 2.0 eyeshadow. The color duo is called The Vision, and the specifically coveted color is Mirage. The thing is, that picture doesn’t even come close to doing Mirage justice. It has crazy levels of pigmentation. Calling it a duochrome doesn’t seem to cover how multi-faceted the color was! As I made this exquisite discovery the mall was closing and I had my dinner date to catch. I was hoping I’d be able to hop onto Sephora when I got home and order it quick while there double points sale was still on, but alas The Vision is not one currently offered there (or at Ulta). I do have the FAB card with Bare Minerals so it’s not like I’m totally out of points if I buy from there. I’m trying to justify the $25 expense but really, what a color! 

In a sort of unrelated question: Is there are quality difference in terms of the Ulta and Sephora brand makeup? Googling this just brings me comparisons of the two stores in broad, general terms. I want to know who has the better store-brand products.


One thought on “Shadow Lust

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