Irreverent Reviews: Glamour Doll Eyes

July was a tough month in many ways, mainly because it was one of those months where the big financial hits kept coming making me feel like I was hemorrhaging money in a way I usually don’t feel until the electric bill comes. Getting my car all legaled up for our new state was not a cheap prospect, plus I apparently had a lot of late bills from the time the post office started delivering our mail and then stopped because there was no name on the mailbox at all, therefore they should just give us the previous tenants student loan documents right? Talk about a mess.

So as the one person supporting two people and a cat I have been and currently am trying very hard to keep my finances on a tight leash, which is hard because I use shopping as a replacement for feelings and with all the non-financial stuff in my life I really need a replacement for feelings and I’m a little afraid to tag in wine for this operation.

My downfall, of course, is sales and on July 12th indie make-up company Glamour Doll Eyes had a flash sale where the deal was buy two get two free (a full sized shadow is regularly priced at $6 for about 2 grams of product). I hadn’t tried Glamour Doll Eyes before, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity! I ordered four colors and also received a gift with purchase (July’s GWP color was Boardwalk, a lovely purple) and a sample of their primer Control Freak (of the non-vegan variety). It was not marked anywhere, and their was no invoice, but I believe it was a sample of the reformulation they are working on. I’m so impressed with how much product I managed to snag for such a low price, it feels a little like stealing :/ Ultimately though, I think I’ll be a repeat customer so it could all be worth it.

The colors I ordered were Bella Donna, Bunny Hearts, After Prom, and Shaded Orchid. While looking through the site I had a hard time finding four colors I felt like I really wanted to try. Having had the chance to try out some of the colors and be super impressed with how they look in person, I’ll be willing to take a leap and get more. The computer screen really just doesn’t do them justice. Maybe it’s just the monitor on my (not so slowly dying) laptop, but everything looked kind of dull and unimpressive. In person it looks like something you’d buy at Bare Minerals and is perfectly gorgeous.

And in many ways, that sums up my whole shopping experience with Glamour Doll Eyes. Their website has kind of a bright, punky image that gives off some serious Jeffree Star vibes (is he even still relevant? I honestly don’t know). Glamour Doll Eyes is that kid in high school that has that eye roll worthy aesthetic and so you avoid them cuz they look like they’re trying too hard, but when you’re forced to work together on a group you realize they’re the coolest person you’ve ever met so you start eating lunch at the same table. Despite the home page looking cluttered, it’s actually a very easy site to navigate. The colors applied fantastically with amazing depth and vibrancy. They’re shiny without being glitter bombs. Bunny Hearts is close enough to a neutral that it can go with ANY of the shades I have, and After Prom and Shaded Orchid go together to make a really good look (that I tried and failed to successfully photograph).

I also received a coupon code for Sedona Lace, a site Glamour Doll Eyes is partnered with in some capacity (It is noted in the FAQs that there is no technical affilition and GDE does not receive any compensation when people buy brushes, but something must be there for them to get the coupons in the first place, I’m just not sure what it would technically be called). Sedona Lace advertises itself as the maker of high quality brushes. I can assume that is true based on the fact that they look spiffy and I can’t afford them, even with a coupon (but dear god do I need a better brush set). The sell the fancy two-tone brushes I find highly aesthetically pleasing.

Glamour Doll Eyes themselves also sell lipglosses and blushes, two products I just don’t use, and they also offer a subscription box “Order of the Month” service in addition to several other packs, including a blogger/vlogger review pack. There is an affiliate program that I would love to be a part of, but it’s only for blogs with 1,000+ followers and I’m topping out at about 20. Someday!

In addition to the regular storefront, there is also a Storenvy site (which is what I used to make my purchase from the sale). Unlike some sites, the product carried on both seems to be identical (huge plus). The TAT was very quick. Glamour Doll Eyes is based in Nevada, I received notification that my order had shipped within two days of placing it. When buying from the standalone store you have the option to select a sifter for your jars or not. It is noted that if you select a sifter you will end up with less product due to the space the sifter takes up. I did not see the option for a sifter offered on the Storenvy site, which was fine with me because I wasn’t planning to get one anyway. The product arrives individually shrink wrapped (tried to get a picture but my camera was having some focusing issues) which is a nice detail and it ensures the jars can’t slip open and dump everywhere in transit (though they were packed securely).

IMPORTANT TIP: Despite knowing the jars had no sifter, despite NOT WANTING a sifter, I forget they weren’t going to have a sifter/sifter seal and almost dumped Bella Donna all over the place when opening it. Remember and be careful!

Bella Donna in Jar

Bunny Hearts was almost impossible to open, which honestly has to be some kind of fluke. I don’t see any physical defects and the other jars opened fine. My primer sample was in a cute, easy-to-open clamshell.

Product is swatched over my bare arm at the top and then the primer at the bottom. It took a lot of swipes to achieve opacity- but I blame the crappy Mary Kay brushes I used because when I did an eye look using After Prom and Shaded Orchid with my usual brush it only took one swipe. Applied wet, Shaded Orchid looked much more vibrant, while Bunny Hearts looked about the same.


Blurry Swatches Swatches (top to bottom): Bella Donna, Boardwalk, Shaded Orchid (dry), After Prom, Shaded Orchid (wet), Bunny Hearts (dry), Bunny Hearts (wet). (


The Control Freak primer basically arrived as a solid, but began to melt almost instantly under my finger and I managed to work the top layer into a nice, easily spread layer. It kinda has an orangish tint that, when applied, makes me feel like I used a fake tanner. While I couldn’t get it to blend in perfectly with my skintone, like I can with the Bare Minerals and Smashbox lid primers I usually use, it was easily covered by the shadow. In the pictures I feel like you can’t see much of a difference in the swatches, but on my lids you can tell that the colors pop more and are more vibrant. It has a good lasting power for the colors, BUT when I use it with loose shadows they crease (a problem I don’t have when I use it as a base for my E.L.F. palette). For comparison and assuming pricing/sizing of Control Freak doesn’t change with reformulation: A full size Control Freak is .39oz for $10.75, and Bare Minerals Prime Time lid primer is $18 for .1oz. Which means I’m pretty sure the Control Freak is a better deal, but also decimals confuse me.

So while Control Freak might not be my thing, and despite my reservations about the sites image I absolutely love the shadows that I received and hope to be able to try more out soon!


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