Irreverent Reviews: Alchimia Apothecary Makes Me a Scent!

To reiterate, in case I have not already established these points:

My favorite book is Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

My favorite color, flavor, month, number, and word is Free.

So while I’m not very much of a perfume wearer (most of my collection is because my dad went through a phase where he got me perfume as a stocking stuffer for a few years because my journey through puberty confused and terrified him and apparently paralyzed the gift giving muscle in his brain… fortunately Tommy Girl and Gabriella Sabatini are both nice scents). I’m not much of a scent person in general, but I do enjoy a nice raspberry body spray and anything scented with almond.

Despite my aversion to smells, Alchimia Apothecary has been on my radar for awhile, and not just because their name trips up my tongue. They offer an option to “Choose Your Own Adventure” and design your own fragrance, which is awesome because I’ve always wanted to smell like a berry almond cake (not sarcasm). In July, they announced they were doing a contest. The prize of the contest was a basket of Free (honestly there are a lot of neat looking things I’d love to try in it)! I want(ed) to win the basket of Free! So obviously I went over there and concocted something that would make me smell like a raspberry almond cake.

Close! I decided to go with something fun, referential, and a little gimmicky. I crafted “Ice-9,” named after the apocalyptic agent in Cat’s Cradle and blending the cool, icy scents of a world with no water and the tropical majesty of fictionalized San Lorenzo. If you follow the link you can “like” the post and vote for my blend of Icy Pear, Winter Ice, Salty Sea Breeze, Tropical Green Floral, and Fruit Musk. (I am 99% sure that I am going to lose to “Idaho”). You don’t have to like the page, just the post, and you’re welcome to click through and check out all 30-some entries.

My scent arrived yesterday and I’m quite pleased with it, especially since I have no experience creating a scent. The thing with the Choose Your Own Adventures is basically that if it shows up and it’s not great, it’s your fault. Ice-9 is a little bit soapier than I would have wished it, but it’s light and wearable and both Manbeast and myself think it is a nice smell.

ice 9

Normally, I can only comment on what I receive from places and if I like it, however I got to test drive Alchimia Apothecary’s customer service with this order! It appears their only payment option is through paypal, which fine, I have a paypal account, I’ll use it. However there were some difficulties, first Paypal shoehorned me in to paying by an “echeck” which neither myself nor Erin at AA really knew how to deal with, then it gave me some weird error messages, and basically I had to contact them to make sure everything went through (it did). My emails were answered promptly and politely and all the issues were quickly resolved and my entry scent crafted. It’s great to know the people behind the product are so helpful.

If you’re intrigued, check out their scent list for the CYOA, or look into some of their pre-created scents. And, if you’re feeling generous, you have the rest of this week to vote for me. They also offer an assortment of cosmetics and other products that I am unsure how to concisely categorize.


EDIT: Here’s a link to the refurbished and now public Mary Kay review I did forever ago


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