Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Sporadic Postings

Wow am I bad at hiatuses! I did manage to get a decent back-log of posts done, and for some reason knowing that I was finishing things in advance of an imaginary deadline felt really good. I’ve been keeping a steady exercise schedule, I hit 10k in my novel, and forcing myself to take a break from at least on obligation felt good. From here on out there will be no posts on weekends (probably) and I’ll be posting the things I’ve written steadily until they run out. I’m going to try to balance things, because I want to do at least 500 words of novel writing a day. I’m trying to save more money which means I have to stop impulse buying things with the justification of “I can review it!” because I make no money off this blog.

When 2014 rolled around I vowed it was going to be “The Year of Me” and in many ways that vow has worked out. I love my new job, I think we’re finally setting ourselves up for a sustainable future. It has also been an amazingly hard year (that’s only slightly more than half way done!) with all of the moving and the deaths and whatnot. I did not expect to have to do so much adapting! I still have several weeks worth of commitments to get through, but I am looking forward to having a more relaxing fall. In the meantime, I hope I manage to provide some interesting posts for everyone to check out! 


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