Influenster Surf’s Up VoxBox Pre-Review

I signed up with a website called Influenster a few months ago because I like reviewing things and I like the prospect of free stuff. Influenster is like… reviews meet social media. You can link your accounts and gain points for intereacting on them and on the site. You also unlock badges that meet your interests. It’s been a fun way to kill some time during my lunch breaks, cuz god knows I’m getting nowhere with my grad school applications. The point of gaining points on Influenster is so that maybe you will get selected for their VoxBox program. No clue why it’s called a ‘vox box’ but they have assorted themes and get sent out to assorted members.

I was somehow selected for their “Surf’s Up!” Vox Box which is the most hilarious thing because I hate the beach (saltwater, sand, AND sun?? Yuck!). So, unlike everything else I’ve reviewed so far on this blog, the following products were supplied to me for free with the intent that I would review them.

Let’s see what I got, shall we?



Ok, so this is what the box looked like when it arrived. I doubt it’s Influenster’s fault though, as I have felt personally victimized by the USPS since we moved into this apartment. And they wonder why they’re losing out to private companies…

One of the products was a nail polish, and thank god that survived unscathed, because if THAT bottle had broken I probably would have had to toss the whole thing. It is also one of the only products I’ve tried so far. The company is Sinful Colors, and I was prepared to give them a really positive review but the slide for their “Chill Out” colors features some (albeit beautiful) discus fish, a freshwater fish from the Amazon, side-by-side with marine fish and that’s unforgivable because REALLY. You don’t mix salt and freshwater.

So now that I’m pissed off at their marketing team for being morons! I was sent the color “Sage Rose” and it’s a gorgeous kinda… shiny purple red, though driving home I noticed that certain light angles made it look like a matte purple (which is interesting, because it looks very shiny the rest of the time). Not one I would have picked out for myself (because they have blue) but in terms of formula it applies incredibly in one coat and then dries stupid fast. Nail polish is one of those things I like, but don’t wear a lot. If you like nail polish, this might be a brand worth checking out.

Ignore my awful manicure

Ignore my awful manicure

Next are two coupons for Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits. I enjoy a good smoothie, so I’m excited to check them out. The one coupon is ripped so hopefully it will be accepted (fortunately the free one is not ripped). I can’t see myself being lazy enough to rely on regularly purchasing smoothie kits as opposed to making my own (I say that now…)




In real time, I am still yelling about those discus fish.

I was super excited to get some after sun lotion from Hawaiian Tropic. Fortunately they sent me two small containers, because one of them was punctured. I’m incredibly pale, have an alarming photo-sensitivity, try avoid going outside, burn to a crisp in a wicked fast amount of time, and don’t tan. I could have used this on the sun poisoning I had after the 15 minute outdoor wedding ceremony I attended Saturday. Alas, it will just have to wait til the fourth to be reviewed, but if it in any way soothes my inevitably scorched flesh I will love it.

Sad leaky tube

Sad leaky tube


The product I am most concerned to try is First Aid Shot Therapy, which appears to be a liquid painkiller? I haven’t been in pain at all since I took my 8am Advil today, but I’m sure my chance will roll around. I’m concerned because I’ve had bad reactions to painkillers in the past and can pretty much only take ibuprofen, although this doesn’t seem to contain any active ingredients that are too risky to me. I won’t test this product until I’m A) In pain so I’ll know if it’s working and B) camped out at home, knowing I won’t be anywhere risky if I start projectile vomiting or forget where I am (fun with Tylenol…).

Even if "shot" is a pun it makes me nervous

Even if “shot” is a pun it makes me nervous

The last item in the box came down to chance. I knew it would be one of two products: A Covergirl mascara I can’t even be bothered to link to (laugh with me friends) or a shampoo product.

The good news is I got Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Shampoo and Conditioner instead of a terrifying poke stick!

Conditioner and Shampoo, minus the one that exploded

Conditioner and Shampoo, minus the one that exploded

The bad news is, one of the shampoos was the only complete causality of that box travesty. A few of the other ones leaked. I have enough left that I think I can get more than one use out of it, though so far I’m… ‘eh, meh.’ I was by no means expecting it to actually give my stick straight hair “beachy, windswept waves.” It did clean my hair, it didn’t leave my hair feeling unbearably weighed down and greasy, however it was greasier by the end of the day and it felt stiffer and more tangled than usual. Better than mascara, not something I’d buy on my own!

This is about how my hair looks with or without beachy shampoo

This is about how my hair looks with or without beachy shampoo

We’ll see if the other products end up being exciting enough to get reviewed here as I use them!  As it stands I must go against my better judgement and do some social media promo in weird and contrived ways, but ya know, sometimes you gotta sell your soul for some free stuff.


If you’re interested in signing up for Influenster, I will happily supply you with invites. Simply comment with the email address you want it sent to. I screen all my comments for spam and will not publish any comments with email addresses.



7 thoughts on “Influenster Surf’s Up VoxBox Pre-Review

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  2. thebluepiano says:

    Hm…pardon me if I’m being rude and or nosey…I’m new to all this. Something you said in another post had a delayed reaction in my brain that I had to investigate. Feel free to tell me to f* off at any time.

    I’m approached all the time by bloggers, social media reviewers and adorable lil teenage girls offering to review my stuff if I send it to them gratis. I’ve done it a few times and was grateful, tbh. So…I guess I’m wondering why you have to work so hard to get products for review. I’ve looked into some of the “popular review blogs” and they actually have a waiting list. Ppl are literally busting down their virtual doors. Shouldn’t your mail box be full as well?

    • Not rude at all! I’m actually not sure how a blog becomes “popular” enough to get offers of free things. I know Brightest Bulb in the Box only mentions getting a freebie once, but if I were a makeup company I’d absolutely be sending her stuff to review! In my specific case? Well, for starters I’m not really that popular, in part because I haven’t done any promotion for this, and I’ve also never solicited for freebies. Then there’s the revelation I’m having right now, in this moment, and that is that I have no contact email linked up with this account, so the only way to reach me is through comments. I should fix that… It would also probably help my chances if I was better at pictures.

      • thebluepiano says:

        I did look for a way to email you lol. I think ppl might do that if you give them the option. If you build it, they will come and whatnot. I don’t know how they do it either I’m still shocked to find that not only do ppl write, they actually read! That’s good news to me. I thought I saw on your page somewhere that you have nearly 800 readers? If not followers, you have that many ppl doing something around here. Seems like a big enough number to me. You might consider asking around though bc it seems to me that shop owners are all for it. Course…I don’t sit with the “cool” kids (big shops) I like the lil guys like myself. It’d be a start though. As for pics I am not a fan of selfies either. Stresses me the hell out. Product shots on the other hand I can totally help with. Just throwing it out there. (:

      • thebluepiano says:

        One more thing since you screen your comments…I don’t know how your end of the biz works but I was a lil concerned by this post bc of the products they sent you. It was all free, right?

      • I’ve had 800 visitors total since I started my blog. In terms of people actually following WordPress stats have me in my 20s.
        Ugh, selfies. I cannot work my angles. It’s unfortunate because sometimes I want to show off the looks I’ve done using particular products but have yet to take a photo that portrays the look in a flattering light! Part of my problem is I only use my phone’s camera and it’s not very consistent. Sometimes it takes a great photo befitting it’s smartness and sometimes… nope! Then uploading them onto my laptop and into the post is a hassle but should be less annoying when I get my new computer set up and have an actual mouse and functioning machine to work with!
        Yeah, I screen all my comments to prevent spam from slipping through. So far I’ve posted everything that has come from a real person. Regarding Influenster, yes what they send you is all free for testing (do I not mention that…?). You sign up for the account and they send you the products and have you complete certain tasks… in some ways it’s like a subscription box except it’s free and you’re never guaranteed to get one.

      • thebluepiano says:

        Oh yup. I feel ya on the lack of the proper tech. My situation is more ghetto than ppl would believe, which is why I offer to help actually. Just cuz it seems like anything else would be easy in comparison.

        So that offer stands, redeemable at any time should you want it (:

        You probably did say, I’m sorry. I’m a juggler. Ten things in the air, always and I drop a few on the regular. Anyway, that actually sounds kinda cool. Used to do something like that for consumer reports.

        Anyway, I really do like your blog and you as a human and while I don’t actually know anything about blogging, I do know a bunch of shop owners. I think I could help, if you want. Not that I’m a big deal, not even a lil one. But…I did have a couple ideas. If you wanna email me I’ll lay em out for you.

        I’m nervous I’m coming off as a creeper lol…blogs used to be web diaries and I still have feelings of being a spy sometimes. Sooo anyway. Up to you. If you wanna look me up on IG to make sure I’m a human and fairly “normal” I’m there as @doesydoates

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