Irreverent Reviews: Aromaleigh and Besame

So right now I’m excited to talk about two new companies I’ve recently tried and loved. The first is indie eyeshadow brand Aromaleigh and the second is lipstick company Besame (bet you didn’t see that coming from the post title). Let’s talk about Besame first because that section will be shorter and has no pictures!

I found out about Besame through a post on Brightest Bulb in the Box and decided to check it out. Besame has a limited line of products, and as someone of doesn’t use rouge or mascara a lot of their stuff is just Not of Interest to me. But oh my, their lipsticks. They have sampler packs that contain 9 samples each of two different colors and I decided to get two since I could get free two-day shipping with my accidental prime membership that I am trying to make count. I chose the Champagne and Chocolate Kiss and the Red Hot Red and Red Velvet samplers. These are products that I cannot wait to go back and purchase in full size. Chocolate Kiss is a brown color that I didn’t really care for, but truth in advertising it looks like you rubbed a chocolate bar on your lips. Champagne is one of the Must Have colors for me. On my lips it gave the faintest of shimmers and really looked more like a gloss than a stick but it looked amazing with none of the gross feeling a gloss has. Red Hot Red might be too… red hot for me. I have issues with red lipsticks because even though they are fun I feel like I don’t have the application precision to wear them. So while Red Hot Red might be too bright, Red Velvet is perfection and I must buy it and make it my go-to bright red. It’s a more subdued color than the Red Hot and it looks fabulous. Even from the samples I can tell how amazing and creamy their formulas are. The lipsticks have great lasting power, don’t dry out your lips and actually provide full, all-over coverage, even to that tricky part where the top of your bottom lip meets your top lip. One coat on my un-primed lips and lipstick stayed there. It was like magic. There is one sampler I did not try, Dusty Rose and Exotic Pink, because I wasn’t sure the colors would look good on me, but now that I am so sold on the formula I want to check them out.

My Best Friend got me a giftcard to Aromaleigh for my birthday because she knows that I am a Fannibal and wanted to try out their Hannibal-inspired “This is My Design” collection. It is on sale this week and maybe I need to go and buy the full-sizes of all many of the colors… So what I did do was get a TON of samples of different colors to play with and love. I swatched all of them and will be listing the names but mostly discussing the eyeshadows as a whole and not giving individual links because I am a lazy creature. (All shadows were done over Bare Minerals lid primer)

Colors: 1. Drama blue, 2. Drama Teal, 3. Nadalina, 4. Giuliana, 5. Lucia, 6. Amalia, 7. Giacinta, 8. Catterina, 9. Vittoria

Colors: 1. Drama blue, 2. Drama Teal, 3. Nadalina, 4. Giuliana, 5. Lucia, 6. Amalia, 7. Giacinta, 8. Catterina, 9. Vittoria

Set one includes colors from the Pure Drama collection, and the Chiara line.

Colors: 1. Nanette, 2. Tanaquil, 3. Severina, 4. Celeste, 5. Isadora, 6. Murder Tie, 7. Antler Velvet, 8. Sublime, 9. Tattler, 10. Ravenstag, 11. Foile a Deux

Colors: 1. Nanette, 2. Tanaquil, 3. Severina, 4. Celeste, 5. Isadora, 6. Murder Tie, 7. Antler Velvet, 8. Sublime, 9. Tattler, 10. Ravenstag, 11. Foile a Deux

Set two contains colors from the Pure Eye Lustre line and the This is My Design line.

Colors: 1. Ddraig Goch, 2. Aether, 3. Walpurgisnacht, 4. The Wrong Alice, 5. Tefnut, 6. Nut, 7. Chantal, 8. Hellebore, 9. Marguerite

Colors: 1. Ddraig Goch, 2. Aether, 3. Walpurgisnacht, 4. The Wrong Alice, 5. Tefnut, 6. Nut, 7. Chantal, 8. Hellebore, 9. Marguerite

(Marguerite isn’t showing up well but it’s there!) So this set contains colors from the Serpens collection (of which I also bought a full size Damballah which I forgot to swatch but it is the most incredible color and I adore it), the Alchemie collection, the Ancient Magick line, the Bete Noire line,  the Bloom line, and some of the special editions/colors of the months.

I love the formulas, the colors, the way it wears, everything. I am planning to go back and order some more full-sized shadows. Especially Hellebore, I know it looks kinda light in the picture but sweet baby seals it is perfection in an eyeshadow and pairs wonderfully with Damballah and Vittoria. I am positively in love with this company and not just for the Hannibal gimmick.

“But wait,” you might say, “What about that other indie makeup company you shill for, Shiro? How does it compare?” well, as you may remember from my previous review, I simply adore Shiro, and their are some similarities between Shiro and Aromaleigh. Both allow for user-selected Colors of the Month, both have Hunger Games inspired collections, both offer generous samples and options for the vegan and cruelty-free consumer and both make amazing eyeshadows. I don’t think you could replace one with the other. When I received my Aromaleigh order I immediately dumped the sample bags out next to my Shiro ones and looked for similar colors. Their weren’t any. I think you can spread your money between both companies and receive unique, quality products from both. It is worth checking out both of them, especially since Aromaleigh is moving and revamping and Shiro is now carrying fellow Indie company Detrivore.

So I can safely recommend all of these companies to you, dear readers, because they all make quality products and hey, you’re helping the little guy and not a giant corporation! Awesome! Coming up next I’ll discuss some stuff that makes me UNhappy, but in the meantime check out Besame and Aromaleigh (and Shiro)


3 thoughts on “Irreverent Reviews: Aromaleigh and Besame

  1. […] superb news, this post was featured on the Aromaleigh Facebook page! Woohoo! I feel fancy. I also notice that I used the […]

  2. […] Lest you think I love everything I try… ugh. So sometime in the recent past a friend from HS who became a Mary Kay consultant out of nowhere. Around the time that started I was working at the grocery store and lashing my hand probably a hundred times a day… which might be a low estimate. I made a Facebook post about how November was causing my hands to freak out and said friend to schill for satin hands. Despite my better judgement (They sell in the Chinese market which requires animal testing) I took up the free sample offer and then apparently I was good enough to be contacted because we had a Skype consultation. I ended up buying the set because I did like it and was desperate to fix my hands. Turns out I had eczema so the only effective treatment was a steroid cream and quitting that damn job. Getting out of food service completely cleared up my problem. But that is ultimately neither here nor there in the grand scheme of this review. The satin hands lotion itself is… it’s not a bad lotion, but it is not some absolutely phenomenal life changing lotion. I would say it’s pretty on par with most of the other decent hand creams I’ve used. it doesn’t leave them feeling greasy but I do find I have to reapply a lot, which is honestly most lotions for me. The rest of the set is a nice exfoliater/or (spellcheck says neither is a word, but spellcheck also does not recognize itself as a word) for your hands and a tacky conditioning cream. I like the exfoliant, and combined with the conditioning cream it does make my hands softer and smoother. You must be careful though, the cream only comes off with the exfoliant, so where you put the cream you must exfoliate also! I’ve gotten out of the shower with tacky, greasy spots on my wrists from where I didn’t get the scrub, and that feels gross. I would probably buy the set again if I ran out in the winter or something. I’ve also heard good things about the satin lips scrub though I haven’t used it. The other face-care samples I tried left me feeling a little bit oily but I used them during the skype call and not like… right in the shower. The cost for a face-care product would be worth it if I knew that I would ONLY have to rely on that product to achieve balance on my “so dry it’s oily” face, but given that my entire adult life has been about frequently switching products before my face can develop a resistance to the formula… I dunno. Experimenting could be really uncomfortable for me financially and facefully. A few months later I entered a contest she hosted on her Facebook page, asking people to rank their personal preference to red lipstick. I gave red a 3 because i feel like it’s so hard to apply well and always draws attention to any and all application flaws (this was before I had tried Besame’s red velvet). […]

  3. […] I also got a full size of Hellebore, my favorite color ever, for helping them work out some kinks in the new site. Swatches of Hellebore can be seen in my first post. […]

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