The Makeup Manifesto

You know, it feels a little vapid posting about makeup. I didn’t intend this to be a beauty blog, more of an “everything” blog. I’m sure it will come around as I work through topics.

Makeup is a fun hobby for me. There seems to be a fair amount of backlash against wearing it right now, at least in my circle of Facebook. I’ve seen a lot of “why do pretty girls wear makeup?” and “Why should I cover up the beauty God gave me?” and my favorite “The industry is such a racket, women don’t need twenty different choices for mascara!” I mean, I’m LITERALLY AFRAID of mascara because of that one time it wounded me and I know that different people have different needs and preferences.

Here’s the thing, I’ve noticed a narrative my whole life: You can care about being smart or you can care about how you look. Pick one, A or B. No one ever told me I could have both. I was praised for not be ‘vapid’ and ‘shallow,’ for having interests like reading. When I expressed interests in fashion trends, or eyeshadows (Sweet baby seals do I love eyeshadow) I was met with faux concern. I wasn’t like “those girls” I was smart and different and didn’t I want to be smart and different?

Now that I am older and wiser I can unabashedly say: Fuck. That. Shit.

I will wear thigh high boots and a fancy dress and I will do my makeup and spend time on pinterest and I will do everything in my poor, poor power to look like a fashion spread and I will read Ulysses and Vonnegut and House of Leaves and I will get my MLIS and if you think that doing one of those things precludes the other than you can go shove a mascara wand in your eye (no seriously, I hate them, they scare me, I thought I was going to go blind).

I am not “too smart” to care about how I look and to have fun with it. I have my physical insecurities but I don’t think for a second that I am covering them with makeup, I am HAVING FUN expressing myself (and my unholy love of the color blue) in a way that is easy to change. Look, I’d dye my hair a different color daily if I thought it could take it. I like change and being an individual and blahblahblah. Makeup and clothes are an easy way to say “yo, I have a personality that fluctuates!” I have interests that many consider intellectual and they balance out my other “superficial” interests nicely. I am a complete, multi-faceted person. No one has to care about makeup/fashion/their appearance in general. Telling me I’m too smart to put on some lipstick is just as detrimental as the Industry telling us we need anti-aging foundation.

Pretty girls wear makeup cuz they like it. You don’t have to cover up what you have naturally but it sure can be fun sometimes! Mascara is right up there with owls and horses on the terrifying list so let’s pretend we’re talking about something else… Lipstick! Why do I need a bajillion choices? Some colors are better, some formulas work better on my lips! I can’t just one-size-fits-all-it!

If you come over on a Saturday I will be vacuuming in a dress and heels with a full face of expertly crafted makeup, usually in a couture-inspired style I’m too insecure to wear in public. I’ll sit down and do some reading, some fiction writing, maybe craft a blog post. I’ll debate something with someone at some point. And I will not be less of a person for any of it.

I will be smart and I will care about my appearance and if you think that makes me less than anyone else… well, here’s a mascara wand and it’s gonna hurt.


A link to my favorite beauty blogger and all her sciencey smarts


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